Monday, 16 May 2016


The pictures and videos of police walloping, clobbering and generally running a mock on citizens, they swore to protect is offensive and contravenes every notion of the so called policing by consent philosophy. Certainly, I for one refuse to be policed by goon aping officers who in today’s dispersion of protesters, appeared to have come from times in our undemocratic past.
I thought the law only allowed cops the use of necessary force. That I am sure does not include kicking and bashing a rioter who is already on the ground. Even if the victims were looters or other criminals the force used was far in excess of anything that can be argued in any law. No police man seemed to be in a life threatening situation on the contrary each victim had 2-3 officers striking out at him some of the pictures showed officers hitting floored Kenyans on the head and in other tender regions with buttons Oh my God!
One reason Kenya will remain within the definition of banana republic will surely be the unprofessional behavior of officer under the command of the state as we saw today. I probably should say here and now, I am not a CORD supporter nor am I a Jubilee hater but today the videos of what happened have really upset me. Nothing short of a full enquiry as to why, should take place and those culpable punished. In addition the GoK should pay the hospital bills for those it injured illegally today.
It appeared to me that the police were fast to lash out with tear gas they seemed to be the ones who panicked the protesters. Either way the National Police Service was responsible for providing security and they failed miserably, they failed shop keepers, business owners in the area, they failed the genuine protestors and they failed the entire country by proving how unprofessional an agency they still are so many years after Moi. A good incident commander should have planned for the likelihood of looting and should have positioned in likely streets an anti looting squad probably in plains cloths with handcuffs and stun guns (which I am sure the police still don’t have) etc. Another plains cloths team should have intermingled with the crowd to identify possible criminals or riot ring leaders early. As for the uniformed units why not cordon off safe areas for the protest early so and monitor outlaying zones to ensure those not involved are not interfered with. A really advanced police service would have video teams out to capture the entire incident for future analysis and identification of the law breakers.
The force displayed today seemed extra motivated almost as if encouraged or sponsored by more than just the job or its official pay. Could there have been other motivation, my guess is as good as yours. When I look at today’s violent put down of dissenting opinion I cannot fail to wonder if this type of thing isn’t why our IG couldn’t be selected by a commission and approved by parliament with some security of tenure included. A professional like Mr. Boinnet doesn’t seem to be the type to order such punches below the belt on his own people.

Finally what will happen now, well CORD is sure to gain a lot of sympathy votes. The ruling party ought to quickly review history, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther, Indra Gandhi, the second liberation-Kenya among many other peaceful revolutions. The thing that most served to fan those fires was badly disguised official brutality, force, vicious repercussion and obstinate refusal to consider views of a large portion of the populace. The president has the best opportunity to demonstrate statesmanship and steer our nation away from this violent route early.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Why Jacob Juma Deserves a Good Whooping!

Let me begin by sending my condolences to Mr. Juma’s family and friends. His life and contribution to bettering our country will be missed. He did not deserve this fate.
Even as we mourn him, if I could find a way of getting a hold of Jacob, I would get my belt out and give him a lashing, seven of the best for his suicidal stance on his own safety and security. Since he was shot much has already been said, in this article I hope to use available details of the circumstances surrounding that successful hit to describe the tendencies that exposed him and continue to expose such type of successful personalities to greater risk.
Are you a prominent personality? Are you an exceptionally successful individual, a game changer in whatever field? Do you make enviably big bucks are you regarded as wealthy? This discussion is for you. There are other people with risky jobs like I-NGO workers, some public servants such as chief and others. You may pick up a few pointers on your security although your regime will be markedly different if in no other way for the cost and appropriateness.
For my target group let me say to you from this onset, that you are a marked person. A target for theft, for assassination, for kidnap, for extortion, for disruption and or other attacks to yourself, to your loved ones, to your estate, to your reputation, girlfriends or ‘clandes’ whatever you may call them included. Why me? That’s simple, ever heard of dog eat dog? Man has an intuitively competitive nature and not every one of us plays by the rules. Therefore you don’t need to have done anything to anyone for you to have enemies. Jacob Juma didn’t have to have done anything to anyone, the fact that he was already wealthy some calling him a billionaire businessman made him a clear target. The fact that he had several ongoing court cases where high stakes were involved and the fact that he openly pointed accusing fingers especially on the Eurobond saga made Jacob’s personal threat level extremely high so much so that if Mr. Juma was a country like Kenya I would have put his security threat status at ‘Red- Imminent’, which is the highest possible before the actual attack. Mr. Juma himself is reported to have spoken about the possibility of his own assassination.
Given his situational analysis why did the crooks succeed in taking him out seemingly so easily? why didn’t he take sufficient steps to ensure his protection? It sure could not have been lack of resources to pay for it, might it have been lack of adequate information? This article although too late for him could help you.
Normally people tend to quickly and many times correctly note an increase in threat level toward themselves many top personalities even go to media with the perceived threats to their lives. Only a small percentage of them actually seek state security assistance though. In Jacob’s case he might have only been looking at perceived threats from individuals already in government hence his lack of involving the police. It seems he totally neglected threat possibilities from other quarters even after surviving a previous assignation attempt last in November 2015. Court orders can be obtained to restrain and keep away persons who have threatened you many times these are effective with domestic and other low level threats. The police don’t have the capacity to personally protect everyone but was he and are you limited to only obtaining professional help from the police? In Kenya the trend has been to assume any strongly built man offers sufficient security, that a fierce ‘rungu’ wielding Maasai guard offers the deterrence to all criminals. May be in ages past, crime has since evolved and the level of sophistication of the perpetrators now requires highly skilled even specialized agents to protect you. Look at Jacob’s case it’s still not clear where he was murdered only where his body was found, no bullet cartridge was found at the scene did his killers use specialized equipment or was he brought there already shot? Remember Hon. Muchai, he had a body guard with him in the car who carried only a traditional club, how inappropriate for the occasion

 I hope Jacob had not just hired some bruise face looking guys to chauffer him around because indeed that is not what it takes why don’t we learn? Close Protection is a discipline in itself within the security industry. Not all police or military officers have trained in it, in fact a smaller number are actually versed in it. This means apart from the president and possibly the deputy president most other leaders have ordinary police officers to guard them which is a step higher than the bow and arrow wielding watchmen (no insult intended) conclusion it’s not that our VIPs are safe guarded, it’s their day that has just not come yet, God forbid!
When initial reports of Mr. Juma’s shooting came out I thought it happened when he was driving along and I wondered why a man like him would not have a bullet proof car and a personal firearm. Both those things it has emerged he had as many of my target readerships will probably have. Yet those things while being a step in the right way, have proved grossly insufficient especially so when specific threats have been assessed to yourself. Specific threats will include details like overt statements made against you, identified enemies with the intent to do you harm possibly over particular issues these may also have marked timeliness or know areas where the threat may be executed.
When you find yourself working against such odds further steps you could take include hire a professional VIP Protection service (check their credentials before), they should require you engage one or more chase cars, they will also review security at your residence/s, offices, family and travelling protocols etc based on the nature of the threat. Get a reputable firm with which you can share the known details of the threat because unless they know what they are up against your protection may become insufficient. How did Mr. Juma or his security detail carryout surveillance and counter surveillance? This is where your enemies watch you to find out where and when it is best to strike.  Your team ought to have capacity to manage the information gathering process threats are never stagnant and continued assessment and reassessment is mandatory.
The service you hire will advise you on the measures which may affect your lifestyle choices. For example did Jacob have a determinable routine including times, people and places? Having already announced his deadly suspicions why would he be out for a drink across town from his Karen residence, in Westlands in the evening. as was Hon. Muchai, Mr. Juma could have been drugged there allowing his killers to taking him away. Was it failure to properly internalize the real threat against himself or was it over confidence in his own ability to keep himself safe? At my caning he could explain, as for you, your status in life and the life choices you make will determine what security measures will apply. If for example you expose participants in grand corruption scandals or if you are that chief raiding all bootleg dens in your area then walking alone at night on deserted pathways may not be a freedom you can enjoy safely. A good close protection services will evaluate the level of exposure to every activity you are scheduled to engage in. For some which you agree are absolutely necessary they may set up the most appropriate protection so as to let you engage and for other times the team leader will ask you to avoid those occasions or places. After all you don’t see the president going about town no matter if he would personally love to.
Depending on the threat you may be forced to consider how well your loved ones are protected. You know if they can’t get at you directly they will stop at nothing. It’s critical to extend professional protection to all likely avenues to getting to you.  Some of the protection may come in physical form as protective agents. (In Kenya you can have female agents to offer same sex cover where required). In addition protection can be offered in awareness training, pre engagement security analysis and communication and using technology including vehicle and personal trackers etc Sometimes it may require a sanitation of friends too not just in person but control or complete absence on social media which is a big avenue through which you may be gotten to.

Cheap is always more expensive in this case the insufficient measure turned out to be deadly. Don’t let me write about your case pay for good professional security.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


I have no doubt that the government has its good reasons for wanting to end the long standing refugee programs on its territory, some of them possibly stemming from frustrations experienced in effectively policing the camps against terrorist operations. Even as the decision is made to send home more than half a million refugees some pertinent questions ought to be answered.
We must ask will this decision affect all refugee nationalities because if it will, would we send back the South Sudanese, their national leadership has shamelessly taken that country back to civil war?
Will we also send back the Burundians remember President Nkurunzinza took it upon himself to retain power even at the cost of the lives of his countrymen? What of the other nationalities who have been with us for so many years surely we are not saying they too are in collusion with al shabaab, are we?
Assuming we actually send back Somali refugees, to where do we think they will go? It is clear the Somali government can barely ensure security in the capital Mogadishu let alone in the rest of that country. It has been a function that requires the help of AMISOM to which we are a major contributor. Just this year we couldn’t protect our own troops in el Adde. Funny are we not planning for a contradiction in our efforts?
Think of a situation where once kicked out the refugees are left to fend for themselves in a hostile homeland or are put in a less protected, more easily accessible camp in southern Somalia say in the Geddo region. Won’t that be like handing any advantage we have now with them in Kenya to the enemy?
The last time I checked our national borders were vulnerable. Please reassure me by confirming that this is not the case now. Confirm that GoK has built an impenetrable security wall all around the country. Just how do those in government proposing the closure of the camps intend to stop ex refugees with feelings of being betrayed and then radicalized in Somalia or Sudan etc from crossing over to exert their revenge on us? If we have a problem now I think it will quadruple if the closure happens as proposed.
Are we then held hostage having to choose between the two decisions? I think not. There are always more options like we could relocate the camps further away from the borders and even reduce the size or specify the national composition of the camps, we could institute tougher entry and exit procedures in the camps, and we could set up a more effective intelligence system in the camps among other strategies that I am sure the stakeholders if honest can develop. Even if it is financing for the national refugee program let the UN and other involved agencies agree on a funding program for security. I urge the different sides to allow more deliberation on this issue. As for GoK refugees can become our ambassadors have we thought of that Para 11.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Our National IDs Should List the Type of Creature

  In African communities there exist three types of creatures, the plant eaters who are the majority so long as we don’t have any ivory on us! Then there are scavengers who tend to make the best of a bad situation and the ruling class, the predators. Why this is not reflected on our government issued identification cards, I can only relegate to the existence of a continent wide conspiracy. After all, most of our government’s require indicated on the ID cards, details of region and locale from where an applicant hails. Why not indicate there too, an individuals probable or chosen inclination towards corruption, impunity, nepotism and sycophancy in the public space? If I were a scientist I’d probably research how best to measure these increasingly concerning and common traits of our society.
Most people are plant eaters, commoners, people engaged in the proverbial rat race, your regular hustlers. They as in the wild are the majority, why they don’t just vote one of their own as king of the jungle, despite the fact that kingdoms are mostly inherited, baffles me. Aside from their number a plant eater’s calling in life is to provide food, purpose and entertainment to those on top of society’s hierarchy. They keep the economy of the wild in pristine condition, trimming the grass and shrubbery, carrying seed from one end to the other and keeping the soils fertile at the same time, a real hustle by any standards.
Then there is the ruling class, predators; lions, cheetahs, leopards, praying mantis, spiders, snakes and crocodiles among others. Although the Lion is king he needs all the rest to rule his kingdom properly. At this juncture I am reminded of my sub chief and the MCA hmm; I wonder where they fit in all this! Well the ruling class exists to enforce supposedly agreed rules and regulations. Yet somehow I don’t believe the plant eaters agreed to being eaten and to being taken advantage of and lied to at each turn. If there is anything that has so hindered the continents progress and caused us untold suffering and even death it is SSPC [State Sponsored and Propagated Corruption]. This is where all sorts of unethical behavior including impunity, nepotism, greed and tribalism manifest. State sponsors take illegal actions or omissions for the success of the crime, later they provide some financial consideration for work done to lower ranked predators. This trend is then propagated when scavengers observe and learn from insatiable hunters. Indeed my chosen mark on their IDs would be a big ‘P’ for predator.
Finally there is the group known as scavengers; hyenas, vultures, sharks, flesh eating warms and cockroaches etc Many of these creatures are not strictly scavengers they will hunt and kill for themselves albeit only the weak and vulnerable. In the kingdom of man, many middle management practitioners of corruption including procurement officers, journalists, cops, lawyers, pathologists, certified auditors, judges and now some bankers in Kenya;       fall in this category also. Actually it isn’t the profession it is the practitioner, remember the predator pastors? Disaster is when a vulture metamorphoses into an honorable leopard or even an Excellency lion. You may have noticed their appetites don’t normally get affected for the better by such changes.
Who will save us, clawless hordes, adorned with mouths full of molars and premolars; good only for chomping on the la Nina affected greenery? Will that ‘H’ for hustler or ‘GC’ for grass cutter on our IDs help? It is time more buffalos faced of these marauding lions and some big horns chased down unscrupulously ravenous hyenas. Come, next election I will vote for the toughest anti corruption manifesto presented even if the only thing contained in the plan is an explicit time bound strategy to defeat corruption. It does not matter what else a prospective leader promises they could go ahead and outline their envisioned highway to heaven I don’t care. All I want is someone who will convince me that I will be alive to see it, that ‘me’ and mine will not be part of a lion king’s energy boost to get him there.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Winnerman Consult : One Christian’s Opinion on the Refugee Crisis in E...

Winnerman Consult : One Christian’s Opinion on the Refugee Crisis in E...: Many of the countries around the world where refugees are fleeing have in the past been places hostile to the good news of Jesus Christ. M...

One Christian’s Opinion on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Many of the countries around the world where refugees are fleeing have in the past been places hostile to the good news of Jesus Christ. Most of them being closed Islamic societies where missionary outreach to the masses was locked out. But God loves all peoples of the earth without exception and without preference from one race to another. His desire to show mercy and blessing to those closed off nations has probably gotten to the point where He must show a different hand in reaching out to them.
Now some people will ask why wait all this time through so much suffering before He would move? Well I venture to say, God gives people choices on how they will live their lives (Deuteronomy 30:15-16) and on the other hand He as any other spirit only intervenes on earth through invitation of man to whom He gave the earth to rule, (Genesis 1:26). The fleeing people freely made out a life for themselves all this time, consequences of their choices that led them to now become refugees. I think the cries of pain and suffering from afflicted communities have moved God to do something. That authority to order an intervention being in man’s hands now, no spirit, good or evil can do anything on earth without a man’s permission hence the devil kills, robs and destroys through the hands of men and so does God bless and act through the prayers and works of men. The bible also tells me, ‘He (God) watches over His word to perform it’ and that ‘He decreed it and it shall not change’ (Jeremiah 1:12, Psalms 148:6). This means that if there is anything that He cannot do, it is to break His own word. That word will not pass away even if the sky and earth were to pass away, (Mathew 25:35). Given that position God is bound by His own decree to wait until you are ready and actually ask Him to save you.
Possibly the generations in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc before the refugee crisis were not ready to accept the one true God on the terms He has already outlined in the bible. Many times man gets engrossed in passed-down cultures and ancient religions which in turn define our lives and the ways we think, many times making us hostile to a salvation-through-Jesus massage. All this is not to say people in war torn lands have turned to Christ already but to say, I believe victims and relatives of victims have gotten to the point where they cry out to God not limiting their plea to a religion. Since He is the only true God (Jeremiah 10:10, John 17:13) He is obligated then to act.
One difference between Africa and Arabia is that despite having both suffered under purportedly ‘Christian’ European powers, Africa somehow still managed to differentiate between the historical injustices and the true faith in Jesus Christ as opposed to the violent hostility to this faith in Arabia. Interestingly the war in many of the refugee contributing countries is one of Arab on Arab, Muslim on Muslim albeit extremist on none cooperating moderate or Shiite on Suni and vice verser. In places like Somalia there is no clash of culture there, not even an ethnic divide, the clans and their warlord leaderships have made the nation ungovernable for more than two decades now. Might I say here, all these sufferings are not brought about by God, He does not work evil (Psalms 5:4) but He can turn any bad situation around and build out of it something good (Genesis 5:20, Psalms 18:28). One way He did that is to lead many Somalis to flee into Kenya where it should have been the job of the Kenyan church to reach out with love to the stranger (Mathew 25:43). What an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love, mercy and preach by action to so many millions. Has that happened? I don’t think so and therefore now we are reaping the whirl wind of terror, for our failings. (Just see how many churches there are in Nairobi verses how many Christian aid missions there are in Daadab or places like those. Man of God, does God love them less out there? [Romans 15:19-21]).
Populations have migrated many times in history for different reasons, hunger, natural disasters and manmade attrition. Europeans have said the Muslims pose a threat to their Christian based culture yet true Christianity would see this as the biggest opportunity in centuries to reach out with love (NOT force) to the fleeing people and to demonstrate a higher more loving and better way. Remember I begun by saying God has been waiting to show His love and salvation to the closed-in Muslim societies. But because they could not be reached in their home areas He has allowed them, (not by Himself bringing the war), to come to Europe where in the course of receiving the prerequisite assistance they could have a chance to know Him also.
The prosperity and stability experienced in Europe would be most useful at a time like this. Any arguments against the refugees who consist only about 1 percent of Europe’s population should not consist of a financial burden for them. The EU should better note that if the current people movement has been allowed by God not even pharaoh can stop it. Where is the Body of Christ that God has raised for a time such as this one? If you shall feel threatened and do nothing then God will raise another (Esther4:14) the same can be said for His body in Kenya, (Numbers 32:13-15), should He wait for this generation to pass also?
Many terrorist attacks in Europe and in Kenya have been undertaken by marginalized (unloved, uncared for) persons, I blame the church for this lapse more than the government. Have we truly been our brothers’ keeper? We could all do better to understand that the first priority in life is God’s agenda not man’s plans’, the nation that will walk in His divine agenda according to the bible can only become greater. (Deuteronomy 6:3)

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Winnerman Consult : Considering Regulations for Armed Private Security...

Winnerman Consult : Considering Regulations for Armed Private Security...:

These are my proposed rules for arming private security providers

Considering Regulations for Armed Private Security

Immediately after major terrorist attacks like Kikambala in 2002, Mpeketoni, Westgate and Garissa among other the country grappled with demands by private citizens for increased ability to protect themselves from threats like terrorism and violent crime The Inspector General of police (IG) being a prudent man should not wait longer but must now consider how best to manage an armed private security setup as an additional layer of security to back up the police service.
The rules and considerations proposed below can be used for discussion and development into a comprehensive regulation with regard to existing laws before licensing the carriage of firearms in our private security industry.
Some relevant Laws:
-          National Police Service Act 2011
-          Firearms Act
-          Private Security Act (proposed)
Title: Armed Private Security Services Act (I propose)
-          Sponsoring Organization: has the meaning of an employing organization which is licensed to have an arsenal of specified firearms for  private security use in the safe guarding of private and public persons & assets as authorized by the IG of police;
-          Private armed security officer/ guard: has the meaning of a permanent employee trained and permitted by the IG of police to carry a firearm in the performance of his/her official duty.
1.       Minimum Security Balance:
Sponsoring organizations shall maintain a security balance of not less than 10million shillings minus interest accrued, with the central bank or other stipulated bank to qualify for licensing.

2.       Sponsors’ National Coverage:
a)      Sponsoring organizations shall have a national coverage of their security services operating from established registered branch offices in each county;
b)      The senior most managers in the registered offices will be responsible for monitoring, supervising and reporting to the organizations headquarters and local police commanders on matters concerning the armed services in addition to their other services.
c)       Non Security Companies that wish to sponsor their internal security officers yet lack the national coverage by virtue of the organizations limited area mandate are exempt from (a) above. Such permitted internal officers shall have a jurisdiction limited by the organizations official activities and their activities must be reported by the senior most departmental manager as in (b) above.

3.       Insurance:
The company and the handler must be insured including; medical cover, workman injury compensation & cover for any damage/injury/death as a result of negligent and or consequental use of the firearm by employees.

4.       Corporate Licensing for the Sponsor:
a)      Every sponsoring organization shall be licensed individually after it meets all the requirements contained in these regulations;
b)      Only licensed sponsors will be allowed to deploy armed private security officers in any duty;
c)       A collective responsibility formula shall be applied in the handling of all firearms within a sponsoring organization. Following conclusion of investigations into an offence involving a licensed firearm the IG of police will determine appropriate measure to take against the entire or parts of the sponsoring organization. Notwithstanding individual legal or disciplinary measures against respective perpetrators.
d)      The corrective measures the IG can take in (c), may include and are not limited to withdrawal/ suspension of the sponsor’s corporate license, reduction of the sponsors operating jurisdiction or withdrawal/ suspension of individual officer permits among others to be determined by supplementary rules from the IG of police.
e)      All licensed Sponsoring Organizations will be required to subscribe to a group website managed by the National Police Service. This web site will cover different operational and pertinent issues including:
                                                               i.            Dishonorable discharge of employees with details;
                                                             ii.            Regional threat and risk assessments;
                                                           iii.            Regulatory information;
                                                           iv.            Individual Sponsor contacts for HQ and branch ops;
                                                             v.            Other information relevant to the operation.
f)        Failure to update the information in (e) shall attract penalties as per section 7 (a) & (e).

5.       Training:
Before permit to handle a firearm is issued to a candidate they shall undergo a 7 weeks security and firearms course from an authorized training facility. The training shall include;
a)      3 weeks classroom training in Security laws including penal code, evidence act, criminal procedure code, firearms act, economic crimes act, police service act, relevant parts of the constitution including the national values & principles of governance/ bill of rights and a course on human rights, common social mannerisms, an armed security code of conduct, anti terrorism & organized crimes and human behavior analysis. A minimum 4 week practical weapons handling course comprising, relevant firearms and non lethal weapons intended to be permitted including; carrying a concealed weapon, musketry, care & simple maintenance, an introduction to an armed combat, tactical shooting and arrest first aid and handcuffing procedures among others to be determined in Police supplementary rules.
b)      The trainees will be examined on the training content and must attain a 70% pass mark on each module to qualify for a permit;
c)       The trainees will be required to attend a 7 day refresher course every year after the initial course and attain a similar pass mark before renewal of permit.
d)      If a candidate fails to attend the refresher and or attain this pass mark before the due renewal date his permit will be suspended;
e)      If a candidate fails to attend the refresher and or attain this pass mark for more than one year he/ she must undergo the initial training course again before issuance of a new private firearm handling permit;
f)        Only permanent employees subject to provisions of this regulation coming from an authorized sponsoring organization shall qualify for this training.
6.       Bond & Oath:
a)      Every officer before undergoing the training in No. 5 shall be bonded to serve the sponsoring organization for a period not less than 3 years. At course graduation every trainee will take an appropriate legal oath of service;
b)      The IG of police may chose to appoint all or part of the trainees as police reservists.
7.       Regulation:
a)      The IG of police shall supervise through a monitoring unit which shall have a clearly stipulated operating standard for licensees & sponsors;
b)      The IG of police in his own discretion may appoint/ second a senior police officer of rank of Chief Inspector and above, to oversee a sponsor’s operations in relation to use of the sponsor’s authorized firearms;
c)       The IG of police shall authorize the places where, roles and staffing levels of specific duties to be undertaken by private armed personnel;
d)      The IG through his regulating mechanism shall survey, audit, inspect and test any part of the implementation and operations of private armed security at any time of his choosing;
e)      The IG of police shall in his discretion cancel the license of a sponsor, upon satisfaction that the authorized sponsor has failed to meet any part of the requirements in these regulations, or has committed, or is suspected of committing any felony.

8.       Compensation/ Allowances:
Licensee remuneration shall be at a minimum the same as that paid to a National Police Service officer of the same rank and function.

9.       Gender & Ethnicity:  
a)      Every sponsoring organization to qualify must ensure the gender balance is adhered to and that the ethnic composition of licensees and the departmental management teams does not exceed more than 30% of any ethnic group in urban areas (places with a population of more than50,000 persons) and 50% in rural areas (places with less than 50,000 persons);
b)      Sponsoring organizations shall ensure not more than 50% of officers deployed in any assignment come from a single or from closely related (in language, culture and or homeland) ethnic groups.

10.   Physical & Psychological Health Check:
a)      Each trainee candidate must undergo and pass this check appropriate to determine suitable physical condition including eye checks and physical ability and the appropriate psychological state for one to be issued with a firearm including assessed motivation, aptitude and personality type.
b)      The checks will be conducted before initial licensing and consequently at the onset of refresher training as prescribed in 5 (c).
c)       Required checks will be conducted by a qualified and authorized government practitioner and the results will for part of the required qualification process.

11.   Other Qualifications: In order to qualify individual candidates must:
a)      All trainees must have a minimum C- in form four exams, must be a Kenyan citizen, must be above 18years old and have a Kenyan national identity card pass all requirements in No’s. 5 & 10, undergo and qualify through a comprehensive back ground check including a declaration of wealth to be prescribed by the IG and carried out directly by the National Police Service or by an independent, non applying agent appointed by the IG of Police;
b)      Former Police, military officers or private armed security guards from similar sponsoring organizations provided they have been honorably discharged and meet requirements stipulated here qualify immediately for employment and training in (5.) above;
c)       Interested candidates shall serve for minimum 1 yr as permanent employees of the sponsoring organization then undertake a performance assessment including stipulated requirements in these regulations before acceptance into the armed security training program;
d)      All candidates who it is established have cheated in any aspect of the employment/ training process or who were discharge on disciplinary basis from the list in (b) or who fail the background checks and other pre-employment assessments or who failed to report to authorized duty and or who were dishonorably discharged elsewhere only to turn up later seeking employment elsewhere shall not qualify for training or work as a private armed security officer;
e)      All candidates with alcohol or drug abuse histories do not qualify for training or work as a private armed security officer.

12.   Supervision:
a)      Every sponsoring organization shall maintain a list and individual files of licensed employees, another list and individual files of previously licensed officers both categories shall have relevant details and copies including, names & aliases, national ID No. staff No. Passport No. appointment letter, promotion and transfer letters, records of disciplinary action, copies of past and current firearms permits, relevant training records and certificates, employment and recurrent back ground checks records, medical and psychological checks and personal quarterly and annual performance assessments for the time in employment.
b)      Every sponsoring organization shall be responsible to monitor performance, change of personal back ground details like places of residence, convictions, reported domestic/ local personal disputes, changes in personal wealth more than 5 monthly salaries, injury and compromising social traits including drunk driving/ drunk on duty or suspected drug intake and discharge of a firearm among others;
c)       Every sponsoring organization must report these individual changes (see 7a) and other work details in this regulation to the IG of police through the services regulating office as they occur.
f)        A sponsoring organization will forward to the IG at dates to be determined in police rules (see 7a) the following documents from:
                                                               i.            monthly individual deployment records;
                                                             ii.            a midyear individual performance record for each officer from the controlling branch manager; and
                                                           iii.            an annual individual performance record for each officer from the departmental head at head quarters.

13.   Operating Procedure & Code of ethics:
                                      I.            Each sponsoring organization shall have approved written operational procedures that cover every aspect of armed security duty including:
a)      An armed security officers code of ethics (including rules from the regulator)
b)      Description of all security roles and responsibilities within the organization both management and operational;
c)       A deployment and management system that ensures managerial continuity when managers with security critical duties are absent and that includes sufficient rest and work balance for armed operational staff.
d)      A sufficient guide for officers in the application of all related work functions, staffing and equipment levels;
e)      Emergency procedures and contacts;
f)        Quality management system with an incident reporting system, both punitive and non punitive remedies;
g)       A threat assessment and management system;
h)      The hiring and deployment procedure used for armed security provision;
i)        A communication system both internally for the armed security team and externally with the police and other sponsoring organizations;
j)        Technical specifications which include maintenance and testing procedures.

                        II.            This procedure shall be reviewed and approved every two years.

14.   Firearms Management:
a)      All firearms shall be registered with the police firearms licensing officer. In addition every sponsoring organization shall maintain a firearms record that will include a ballistic record of each gun and the number and caliber of ammunition held;
b)      Only authorized sponsoring organizations will be permitted to own the firearm and issue for duty each arm to their permitted and bonded officers;
c)       Every sponsoring organization will ensure appropriate arrangements are made for the storage and securing of firearms that are not in use for duty. These may include storage at a police station or other secure facility as determined by the IG of police.

This document is meant to provoke further discussion and more ideas as to how best to manage private armed security in Kenya. This country does not have extensive exposure in this issue, nonetheless a bureaucratic attitude that continues to bury its head in some ‘wishing sand’ that government is able to continue providing armed protection sufficiently as has been in the past is wishing against the reality of terrorist and violent criminal planning.
I will be glad to receive your feedback and or for those engaging to forward it to relevant stakeholders starting with the IG for the same.

Ben Muoki Makau

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Winnerman Consult : The Critical Way Forward in Our National Security ...

Winnerman Consult : The Critical Way Forward in Our National Security ...: With the growing concerns as to whether the country will effectively deal with the terrorism threat posed against us, we must consider how...

The Critical Way Forward in Our National Security Strategy

With the growing concerns as to whether the country will effectively deal with the terrorism threat posed against us, we must consider how to shield ourselves from an escalation or even from any continuation of the same. This we can do by studying the elements that need to be present before most terror attacks can successfully be launched including the identification of vulnerabilities at possible targets and the consideration of who the possible attackers may be, where they hide and how they get into the country. Once this has been assessed, (assessment is a continuous process), then we can come with an effective strategy to combat this scourge of death and destruction. Learning from Israel one notices they have devised a security system to deal with one of their major challenges while fighting terrorists who frequently launch missiles from close by Gaza strip into populated civilian areas. Their solution is known as the “Iron Dome, it is a mobile air defense system, deployed in 2011 to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells. In its first year it was reported that the system shot down 90% of the rockets, roughly 400 of them, ensuring minimal casualties were suffered”
Now I am not proposing that Kenya gets the same system, after all our assessed challenge is quite different. Our threat resides among us and has been shown at times to be part of us and it is biting chunks of precious life, peace and our economy from us a painful piece at a time. E.G. Insiders like; Garissa University attack organizer; Mohammed Mohamud alias Gamadhere 
My next comparison may require younger readers to read up on Wikipedia
is a term used to symbolize the ideological conflict and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991. The term symbolized efforts by the Soviet Union to block itself and its satellite states from open contact with the west and non-Soviet-controlled areas. Some measures implemented in that period were emigration restriction and physical barriers”, among others. Without wanting to copy everything from that infamous period we can draw some lessons as a basis upon which to build an effective Kenyan internal security system.
I propose the development of a system that just as effectively as the above two examples, stops enemy attacks in the country in our case an ‘Iron Web’, shielding us in buildings and on the streets where we are from the enemy within. The idea of a web is used in regard for its characteristics observable in nature and for the picture’s ability to communicate the strategist’s intention. For example; its weaver the spider, stretches it across his entire territory, then there is the web’s ability to catch and retain its targeted victims interestingly the web does not only address entry into the spiders home at the edges but it is able to catch offenders who come close through any other part. Finally when a victim is caught the spider who, may be at the other corner will be made aware instantly through vibrations flowing in the web. If instead of sticky silken threads the spider wove iron wires the web would become formidable against all animals irrespective of size. As is the case currently with the illegal wire traps set up and concealed in the bush by poachers. Translating these observations into a workable national security approach to manage the counter terrorism effort will mean coordination of currently diverse security functions within our system guided by appropriate policy and legislation those will include transport/ movement supervision, financial monitoring, an amplified private security role, citizens partnership and good will in security efforts, hardening likely soft targets that are found all over our communities among others.

Below here is listed, some of the component parts, I believe to be essential for a working ‘Iron Web Plan’. More could be and should be said on each point and this list should be treated as a basis for further discussion.
1.       Realign Police Roles & Departments: along functional lines that can better address the present day country’s needs instead of the now outdated post colonial set up. This is so especially with the Administration Police and the Kenya Police Service. Review police standard training further with an aim to induce more currency and make it more performance based for example build wider investigative capacity in up grading skills and provision of forensic equipment accessible in each county. As we beef up police power we also need to increase not reduce oversight agency powers and capabilities, talking of IPOA and the Police Service Commission, if we don’t the government risks creating a rogue monster against which we need to start a new war. In addition as the need may become more apparent in the below points it is recommended to introduce a Directorate of Auxiliary Security Services in the National Police Service, responsible for coordination of all non police, security roles including Nyumba Kumi, the Reserve units and even private security services. Finally commence an aggressive culture change program for the National Police Service with set public timelines to achieve citizen agreed goals.

2.       Devolve Police Functions: to enable NPS to focus on critical criminal activities. Suggested functions for devolution should include; airport, sea ports/ railway police units, VIP and diplomatic security, bank guarding/ CIT operations, emergency control room staff, traffic and administration duties carried out in police offices’. I estimate a third of all police officers in the service are engaged in these functions. Other agencies including the Kenya Airport Authority, Kenya Ports Authority, county enforcement officers [already doing traffic duties] can do these jobs. Employing civilian staff to handle emergency control room and administrative tasks in police stations, which don’t need police training as offered in Kiganjo will immediately free officers to handle critical counter terrorism roles among others. Then there is the private security service industry which possibly accounts for more than 50% at least in numbers within the sector. With the raise in violent crime and possible terrorist attacks why deploy such a big chunk of our resources in a poorly trained and unarmed state. I support proper retraining, categorization of service and licensed arming them based on guide lines. Remember Westage give the guards a fighting chance.

3.       Revitalize the Police Reserve: The Police Reserves basic structure already exists in law. A specific oversight and control office reporting to the Inspector General for this unit could be instituted with strict professional guidelines. The volunteer system could be interlaced with Nyumba Kumi to provide benefits including: Serving the neighbourhood as well as the municipalities, become the eyes of the police to deter crime in public places and be first responders to terrorism. The reserve can be both uniformed and uniformed; with varying duties depending on environment but including protecting some places like malls & churches to traffic/ roadblock duties etc

4.       Invigorate Nyumba Kumi: Now almost forgotten, this system had the potential of generating a very high citizen participation regime, if it had been followed through. It is essential for a large percentage of the population to become proactively involved in neighborhood watching. Otherwise there remains the possibility of continued existence of safe havens for criminals/ terrorists in places where neighbors remain laidback and uninvolved. The systems emphasis should also be expanded into more crimes of public concern including cattle rustling, illegal narcotics trafficking, poaching and dealing with counterfeit goods, crimes of public concern including illegal brewing/ selling of liquor, female genital mutilation, rape, child labor/ mistreatment among others should be covered with regard to appropriateness to the region One way to encourage more involvement is a reward for information program leading to arrest of wanted criminals through nyumba kumi system, for financing rope it onto Lotto and ‘Spot’ not Sports Pesa for example.

5.       Counter Psychological Operations & Negative Religious Activities: should be enhanced against those instilling fear and propagating violent extremism. A key low hanging fruit is in the tackling of public perception. Terrorism fights for the minds and hearts of its enemies much more than it seeks to kill and destroy. The one thing Al Shabaab is praying for is that Kenyans will rise up and demand KDF hands over Somalia to them. Hence attacks like Garissa University and El Adde. The public will react more to the psychological front no matter if NIS, Recce, Rangers and Immigration Department have foiled 500 actual attacks this week alone. One very Positive thing currently happening is the, Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism, BRAVE Project
,it must be encouraged and supported further.

6.       Border Security: Beef up security along ‘All’ national borders much like the Berlin wall, the eastern bloc built walls in populated areas and double steel mesh fences in rural areas. We on the other hand should create a virtual fence [it is easier to manage and cost effective, by using various ground radar and seismic sensors - UGS Systems], erect physical barriers especially near border towns/ crossings.  The virtual fence can then be managed by investing in a chain of forts along the border from which fixed surveillance, patrols and response forces can be coordinated

7.       Issue New Generation IDs: implement the switch quickly and cover the entire country without exception. This project could be supported easily by an effective nyumba kumi system that would work to authenticate individuals alongside public administration officials. The system if as said is connected to birth and death registration, educational, employment & tax records, will ensure no future corrupt registration practices. The initial phase will probably not be fool proof given previously registered non citizens in the old system although those numbers will be greatly reduced if as mentioned local on-ground participation of structures such as Nyumba Kumi is properly implemented. In this way speedy electronic verification of an individual’s status which is critical to IRON Web becomes possible the same can be required legally in hotels, car rentals and or purchases etc

8.       Increase Technology Use in Security: The Urban Surveillance project by Safaricom is a first significant step in this direction and should be encouraged in all urban areas country wide. The systems alone will not work thus operation coordination by security teams using the system must mach the investment in installation of the systems. Mobile surveillance systems should be considered for roads and highways not covered in these programs. Systems that can be used to monitor critical operations say at vital road blocks etc. Recently it was announced that the country was buying a drone (I hope military grade) from the US. These and other technological investments are the way to go and should be a permanent feature in security budgets Public Private Partnership modules will be instrumental

9.       Dismantle Crimes that Support Terrorism: including poaching, trafficking in people especially youth across borders, drug trafficking (Narco-terrorism), small arms smuggling & cattle rustling. These mostly transnational crimes form the economic base from which terrorism is supported and in the case of Al Shabaab a hidden reason why the terror gang’s leadership are so intent in regaining control of Somalia. GoK must increase efforts to curb these crimes including enhanced corporation within the region both legislative and operational counter measures to reduce the attractiveness of the crime to the, would be criminal e.g. in China a few grams of illegally held narcotics like cocaine can earn the possessor a death sentence, as some Kenyans found out too late.

10.   Cultivate a Severe Retaliation Culture: Often the best armor is the promise of severe retaliation. This can be done by not only striking at training facilities & leadership in pre-emptive hits but also these strikes can be used to create a history of expected sustained severe retaliation from our security agencies, in the event of an attack on our interests. This will increase the dissuasive effect for any would be terror gangs. All this may require coordination with KDF and foreign friendly nations. E.g. as happened in the targeting of Bin Laden by the US government.

11.   Border Region, Security & Administrative Committees: including joint Parliamentary Committees are another essential concept in managing regional and transnational trends. It is significant that many organized criminal activities including poaching, narcotic trafficking, carjacking and terrorism etc do not respect national borders and in fact take advantage of frequent disjoint in security, intelligence and prosecution management. To close these gaps both at national level and at local border town/region level routine joint management and operational programs must be instituted.

12.   NGO & Corporate Social Responsibility Contribution: As part of the non military strategy include in the requirements for agency licensing a contribution to the ‘National De-marginalization Strategy’ [if not in place yet, such strategy must be prioritized]. This is not to deny more developed areas the services of these organizations but to require a determined percentage of focused intervention by them at the places we are hurting most as a country places where security significant interventions may be required in support of other ongoing GoK interventions. On the other hand and in addition to the equalization fund GoK should provide greater technical expert support for development and economic projects with an aim to combat effectively marginalization and societal disillusionment with government or our chosen constitutional mode of leadership. The technical support could be used to advise on best practice in areas where those regions may require it.

13.   Relook at Northern Pastoral Kenya: One area the government ought to put effort moving from campaigning for to requiring change in the northern pastoral regions of Kenya. In those parts the chosen lifestyle by most communities has necessitated the proliferation of small arms in order for the individual herdsman to feel protected from marauding cattle rustlers. The government should undertake intense culture change initiatives involving viable alternatives like the commercialization of cattle keeping in communal ranches where essential facilitation including water, fodder, vet and security services can be concentrated. In this sort of arrangements the herdsmen will no more require the firearms while being able to reap better returns. In the resulting reduction and or elimination of the bigger market for small arms the business of trafficking becomes less lucrative to criminals and the few left doing it can be left to the police and border control units to block and arrest.

14.   Review Our Education System: While the youth fund program addresses many needs of current under/ unemployed youth there is a need to focus on growing numbers of children scheduled to complete their schooling and join those same ranks. While I am not an expert in the area I have observed that our education system sets up its graduates as job seekers and not necessarily as entrepreneurs, innovators, and business people who will able to adopt any available resources in the environment to create their own livelihood with minimal external intervention. It appears that while government fight’s terrorism and in partnership with private agencies addresses marginalization the situation in our education system can almost be said to be working contrary to those efforts. This is happening by producing greater numbers of disillusioned youth who then become ripe pickings for criminal recruiters. Terrorist/ criminal organizations are known to metamorphosis reasons attributed to the need for their existence as situations change. We recommend an education system that does not concentrate on attainment of certification but on ability to implement the learning goals.

15.   Respect & Prioritize Ethnic Balance: in all public appointments. This is crucial in elevating the image of unity, respect and concern for all groups and regions of the country. It is an important step among others that may be carried on, to foster feelings of loyalty to Kenya and to its government among citizens especially those coming from regions that have in the past been marginalized. While the fruits to be had here will come in the long term, they are probably the juiciest and potent of them all.

Although this article does not deal with major policy areas like non victimization, non negotiation, humane treatment of suspects, rule of law and appropriate transparency, anti corruption, and targeted assassination among others, they are not less important and require similar consideration while weaving the web for our national security.
In here I have suggested diverse mechanisms to tackle the terrorism problem. Already many of these ideas may be in various stages of implementation, in which case the information may serve as a confirmation of the appropriateness of those plans. Each sub area is highly dependent on every other to accomplish its work and is equally important for the overall success. In this case, success against terrorism will be achieved best, when all parts of the Iron Web are working together seamlessly. The National Counter Terrorism Center is a significant agent in ensuring this seamlessness in the coordination of our national strategy. I hope they will have opportunity to look at this article in that respect.

All said, I have also come to understand that for our civilization to thrive and ensure its continued existence we must learn from others around the world but it will be essential to build homegrown mechanisms to fight or cope with the threat of violent criminal activity. It is imperative to understand for ourselves why we are faced with such challenges, in order for us to develop the best mitigation programs against them. Doing nothing or tackling the problem in only half way can only aggrieve an already bad situation that SHALL return with escalating hurt and damage to our national fabric and continued existence as a nation. The enemy is determined to fight to the last man!

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