Thursday, 28 July 2016

Watcha Tu Seme Ukweli Hawa Askari Wanajaribu

Form the title loosely translated as, “Tell it as it is, These Security Officers are Working”, some people may begin counting all the ills levied regularly against the police; corruption, extra judicial killings, lethargy, reactionary instead of preventive tactics etc, etc. Yet it is important to recognize that among all that there are many security officers in all units laying down their lives to deliver to us safety, assurance and a chance at normal living.
For example police officers in Mombasa County just this month were able to recover ammunition and explosives including three grenades from a house in Kisauni. As it was reported widely, after a tip off by members of public they raided the home, in that process engaging in a gun battle with suspects holed up inside where the officers shot dead two of them who later were identified as Salim Hanjary Benzimba and Kibwana Ahmed Abdalla, alias Rajab.
Interestingly enough we saw the suspects’ family and other persons coming out to say these boys were innocent, non violent citizens who were not in hiding and accusing the police for using excessive force instead of just arresting them. Understably the families were in shock, grief and even possibly denial of what might have happened. I would not expect anything else from those especially close to the deceased. The fact that the families strongly defended the boys from any wrong doing is only consistent with the expected outcomes from a clandestine operation, as that conducted by al shabaab. Terrorist is not one of those jobs where you let people know and send you celebratory notes on your career anniversary, least of all your own family.
Even then the negative perception created from their statements in that inconsolable moment is inconsistent with any logical assessment of the circumstances. For example that police would be expected to arrest non-violently, any terror suspects who are in possession of lethal weapons and whom have not surrendered to them. Just look at Kenya’s recent national security history. The agencies charged with keeping us safe have foiled many terror activities, the majority never making it to the news desk. But for those which have, like at Garissa University, we saw a GSU officer lose his life in a grenade attack as they tried to rescue hostages held by terrorists. Then more recently we saw another GSU officer lose his innocent life at Kapenguria police station as the rendition team tried to root out the assailant who had taken over the station. Now imagine you were part of the team on July 21st, in Kisauni Mombasa as for me if the suspects didn’t give up when told to, I wouldn’t be aiming at the leg or the hand!
Then there is the issue of purported innocence of those shot dead. Well in life I know many people as we all do. Many of them I strongly believe are innocent of any crime. None of them have grenades, rounds of ammo and detonators or such like things in their possession anywhere, if they did I will be first to report it, [be warned]. Those are not ordinary materials that one can just purchase at your local supermarket and they certainly are not the kind of things to be used in any regular legal occupation. The mere possession of the materials the police recovered in that raid is enough evidence of serious criminal intent, don’t you think so?
There are three arguments to be made for the presence of the weapons in that house, the one I personally subscribe to is that the suspects knowingly brought the catchment for storage in the house, hence their resistance during the police intervention. The second theory would be that some other member of the house hold brought the things there. In which case the police may need to investigate the surviving members further to see any likely associations to terrorism. Problem with this explanation is why would the now deceased suspects engage in a fire fight with police if they were innocent and unaware of the terrorism equipment in their house? The third hypothesis is that the police themselves introduced the lethal devices to cover for their excessive violent acts. For that to hold water we must begin by presuming the alleged extra judicial manner used by the police had to be premeditated as that’s the only way they would have known to bring along the stuff to plant on the suspects once finished. Note the materials don’t consist of standard issue police equipment. Other questions also arise like this was an officially sanctioned intervention probably at the highest operational level within the County it probably involved more than one unit say intelligence services, the anti terrorist units and the rendition team that went to the site. Is it conceivable that all these units colluded to kill two presumably innocent people and then plant false evidence to protect themselves? I simply think that’s too much of a conspiracy theory.
Even if the police wanted to shoot someone or to threaten someone why not look for a moneyed person like an illicit drug baron they can extort, enough of them live in Mombasa. If someone said this was politically motivated misuses of the cop force maybe that, yet these were reportedly jobless, innocent youth with insignificant individual political clout so no it wasn’t that. It could have been as a result of a love triangle involving the police. But again the public statements decrying police action didn’t bring that as the reason.
So let us call this spade what it is, a counter terrorism action where two likely terrorists unfortunately but by their own determination, lost their lives. My gratitude to the many hard working, selfless security officers in whatever unit or function nationally and internationally giving so courageously at such great personal cost to themselves and their loved ones so that the rest of us can live and air our opinions for or against anything and everything we experience.
That said I look longingly towards the day when we see world class police services consistently executed nationwide.

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Friday, 22 July 2016


I have heard many good arguments for why Mr. Isaac Hassan and the rest of the commissioners should be sent home, for me loss of public confidence being chief, I don’t argue against any of them.
The most touted remedy for those offering their wisdom is to relieve that executive team of their duties. Again I agree with them except if that sending home will necessitate the changing of our constitution.  
As it has been pointed out clearly, the organizing of an election is no simple activity and any new commissioners will require more than a year to do so well. This therefore necessitating the constitutional amendments being considered to extend the August 2017 voting date.
If every time Kenya faces a challenge we resort to referendums to change bits and pieces of this supreme law we will in short course have nothing to refer to except confusion. For example incase this time round we are blessed to hire the most excellent team that proceeds to gain international renown in the coming years, do we then amend the constitution again so that we give those dream commissioners the role for a life time? Do we? What happens when another constitutional office looses public confidence a month after we have these changes being proposed?
So what do we do now if not to change the constitution? Well if the problem is a lack of trust and not a lack of professional competence for the commissioners why not then appoint observers? Yes people we can have confidence in not to direct or oversee but to observe the actions of the current commissioners while in office and to deliver to the current review committee or even to an expanded team including religious society and other interest groups agreed periodical reports.

Such an observer team can be comprised of persons of equivalent stature as the commissioners a shadow committee or an assurance team if you like, probably double the number of current members. They should have no executive power but have the right and be required to sit in every meeting, see every document and be privy to the entire workings of IEBC for the remaining period of the undesired commissioners’ tenure. The current team could be prevailed upon to accept this arrangement for the sake of the country instead of what’s now happening to them. Surely a time bound addendum to the IEBC act should be able to take care of such an arrangement and thus save our constitution? 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Today James Oswago’s Statement Reveals

After listening to the former electoral body CEO I conclude in Kenya there are only two types of individuals in most government agencies, the thoroughly corrupt and the thoroughly scared, afraid to stand up to block the pigs and hyenas as they gobble up everything before them. Remember my article; Setting Up to Fight Graft in Kenya:
Surely this is why CORD was up in arms nonetheless all credit to Mr. Oswago for coming out the way he did today. I wonder if this time around we will be told that it is also corruption fighting back??? The  voter identification system failed on the election day in 2013, but had worked perfectly before that and worked perfectly every time after that and this without any adjustments or repair. All this just as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems IFES expert had predicted was possible. Question is who benefited from that? Neither those charged to run the election or investigate complaints after that have properly explained to Kenyans how and why. It is sad that neither the parliamentarians nor the journalists have come out to reveal these flows. As for them I am not sure if the glaring omissions are in exchange merely for money or for political and other considerations. Indeed as Dr. Willy Mtunga said, Kenya’s is a gangster economy. Where is that 3rd force now???

Monday, 11 July 2016

Why Raila is the Cause of the Strife in ODM

Arguments asides Orange Democratic Party ODM as was National Democratic Party NDP after Raila joined it in the early 90’s, are both built on the larger than life person of Raila Odinga. He himself was probably inspired by his late father’s national founding hero and fighter of Jomo’s excesses, personality. CORD especially its champions is equivalently composed of electoral losers hooked onto ODM which has a huge mass following inspired by Raila. For a person who believes in predestination and individual life purpose I see Raila’s [Tinga’s - meaning tractor/ bulldozer] role as that of an activist, one to call into account the excesses of government, mercifully given to us by God so as to fight for an ignorant or complacent electorate in Kenya’s journey to achieve its national aspirations. That’s why he so successfully confounded Moi’s power handover plan to Uhuru and enabled a successful Rainbow party win in 2002, his pronouncement “Kibaki Tosha” arguably is the straw that finally broke the camel’s back to bring a 62% win in that election. Even before that, history records well, honorable Odinga’s prominent role in the fight for a multiparty political system and the new constitution, branded as the second liberation. And when president Kibaki’s government bungled the 2007 election Raila’s followers, on his call for peaceful mass action made it impossible for the then president to continue. Necessitating a so called “serikali ya nusu mkate” [sharing of political power] with Honorable Raila as prime minister.

The 2016 IEBC related events continue to show how even if not elected he plays a significant role in pushing government. In the last few weeks as those demonstrations went on I wrote saying Uhuru cannot win against Raila when it comes to mass action and fighting governments. That’s not because I think less of his Excellency the President, no. It is actually because I don’t imagine a man can be beat when properly operating in his realm. There is this speaker who is repeatedly played on one of the local TV stations saying; a lion will beat a shark in a contest between them if they meet on the lions turf and the shark will beat the lion in the water; that captures my argument precisely. It is good the government agreed to negotiate!

Having said that I don’t believe God wired Raila [also known as Agwambo meaning chairman] for presidency, just like the lion has legs and claws not fins and gills needed in the water. That’s not to say he cannot be elected because that’s the preserve of the electorate and not of God who only determines virtues and purpose not usage. All I am saying is current ODM internal disagreements are not surprising at least not to me. Although Raila is a leader he is more of a tank commander in a battle arena, a chief surgeon in a brain surgery where the patient, Kenya, is already laying on the theater table anesthetized. He will listen and take advice but the operation will be conducted as he determines, there is simply no room for a democratic vote in it.  Hey for those of you who want to skin me alive now, hold onto your horses. Many people have multiple strengths and possibly RAO can operate in and out of water just as a crocodile does. Nonetheless the croc is not king in either environment. I am not declaring that Raila is not a democrat, no. I am saying a lion needs claws, teeth and a pride of lionesses to put diner on the table regularly. Raila is wired to fight for our rights and not to lead as a democratically elected president, the arrow not the target or its tripod stand. In this regard expect to see a version of the Kasarani men-in-black in response to the current agitations. Man Weta tasted it at his inauguration as presidential candidate earlier in the year, Kalonzo is content to play second fiddel he should kid you not. They and the rest of CORD are the bow that shoots the arrow, Oh! but how I wish Agwambo would either accept his part in national building or chose to fully shade off his “freedom fighter” skin for the role of properly, democratically elected leader and then to play it fully. I have found there is always more than one way to any place except heaven. He just might win the people their justice, equity and economic development while attaining his personal satisfaction all that I am sure he has endeavored for over these years. That said, he must be warned if that were to happen God might have to bring us another “Tinga”, for as yet we, the electorate cannot walk on our own. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Resolving the Slaughter of Willie Kimani, His Client and Driver

The shocking extrajudicial killing of a city lawyer, his client and their driver, still being widely covered and correctly so by mass media brings into question activities of our law enforcement departments now branded as a service. Only too often nowadays we hear and see the police involved in criminal activities which forces me to wonder just who does the National Police Service [NPS] serve? Indeed instead of developing public trust essential for effective policing, the captioned singular act has sown fear and aversion in many hearts and risks eroding any efforts in favor of the community policing and Nyumba Kumi programs.
Investigators and the courts will probably hand down a befitting judgment needless to say the public are way ahead of them as we are already holding a hang man’s loop over the suspects’ heads or is it the down switch on a guillotine? Yes any debate in the public domain is mostly on what means of execution is to be used, fast or slow and painful? Yet will that resolve the problem? For the victims and their families, some form of justice might be achieved but who is next, which police officer failing to have learned from the punishment of his/ her colleagues in this case and the many others preceding this one, will go again and murder yet another innocent person?
Unlawful police violence against civilians is a problem in many countries indeed the USA stands out being a leader economically, technologically and very much so in matters security. Of course that doesn’t justify its occurrence here, rather it is supposed to tell our decision makers and thinkers that we have a major monster of a problem and we cannot sit back and deny it. The Independent Medico Legal Unit IMLU has continuously decried this situation. Independent Police Oversight Authority has investigated and sent to prosecution many cases, the courts also cannot be blamed this time round we have seen officers sentenced before, foreign governments including the British one have spent huge sums of money on training and advise to the NPS but all without much positive change with respect to levels in police organized extrajudicial killing and the cover ups that follow. A 2014 report declares that seventy percent of the 1,868 persons who died from gunshot wounds were shot by the police compared to only fourteen percent killed by gangsters. Mike Pflanz continued to say that in the first five years of this decade it was five times more likely in Kenya, to be shot by a police officer than by a gangster. I believe if any change has occurred in respect to that statistic it can only be for the worse.
Has anyone heard of any concerted effort to deal with the trend in this kind of violence? How could there be any such effort with the victims who are the public not being involved? No someone is not serious!
Police shootings are not a simple open and close incident, they are not a case of one bad apple among many good ones as some would have us to believe, IMLU claims over 500 such cases since 2013. That is a four year average of 125 per year, which is equivalent to one major terror attack as previously witnessed every year. The problem is multifaceted; it is cultural in an organizational sense sponsored by out of control corruption, malpractice and nepotism, it is historical as a deeply rooted inheritance from a now, refused-to-go-away, colonial enforcement police system. It is systemic in an operational way, I mean how officers work, the conditions they have to put up with the training, even the caliber of person recruited and maintained as a police officer, it is also an accountability issue, now that Willie Kimani and his colleagues seem to have been killed by police officers should we not call for the resignation of the president himself after all he signed changes to law so that he appoints directly the Inspector General of Police. As long as the National Police Service acts and seems to believe they are in service of a sitting government then it is safe to assume the public must suffer, for a man cannot serve two masters at the same time [not me, the bible declares]. We the citizens must consider whether we consent to being policed in this manner and demand requisite changes are made if not we must take back that authority and police ourselves.

Evidently none of this can be resolved by the current day’s case sentencing nor can it be dealt with by the simple resignation of one or the other senior officers much as those may be the first preferred steps in the journey to our desired change. The Cabinet Secretary and the IG have been effective in fighting al shabaab terrorism not so in defeating police bred terrorism. What is needed is a comprehensive review of the Kenyan policing system, empirical research is required to develop workable solutions not just expatriate assistance brought in to fill up executive level planning.  I have in my previous articles like; Rethinking Internal Security, Police Reforms, Critical Way Forward in Our Internal Security among others, alluded to possible solutions that should be considered if indeed we hope to make this service safe, responsive to public concern, proactive in crime fighting, rewarding and honorable for its personnel.

Monday, 16 May 2016


The pictures and videos of police walloping, clobbering and generally running a mock on citizens, they swore to protect is offensive and contravenes every notion of the so called policing by consent philosophy. Certainly, I for one refuse to be policed by goon aping officers who in today’s dispersion of protesters, appeared to have come from times in our undemocratic past.
I thought the law only allowed cops the use of necessary force. That I am sure does not include kicking and bashing a rioter who is already on the ground. Even if the victims were looters or other criminals the force used was far in excess of anything that can be argued in any law. No police man seemed to be in a life threatening situation on the contrary each victim had 2-3 officers striking out at him some of the pictures showed officers hitting floored Kenyans on the head and in other tender regions with buttons Oh my God!
One reason Kenya will remain within the definition of banana republic will surely be the unprofessional behavior of officer under the command of the state as we saw today. I probably should say here and now, I am not a CORD supporter nor am I a Jubilee hater but today the videos of what happened have really upset me. Nothing short of a full enquiry as to why, should take place and those culpable punished. In addition the GoK should pay the hospital bills for those it injured illegally today.
It appeared to me that the police were fast to lash out with tear gas they seemed to be the ones who panicked the protesters. Either way the National Police Service was responsible for providing security and they failed miserably, they failed shop keepers, business owners in the area, they failed the genuine protestors and they failed the entire country by proving how unprofessional an agency they still are so many years after Moi. A good incident commander should have planned for the likelihood of looting and should have positioned in likely streets an anti looting squad probably in plains cloths with handcuffs and stun guns (which I am sure the police still don’t have) etc. Another plains cloths team should have intermingled with the crowd to identify possible criminals or riot ring leaders early. As for the uniformed units why not cordon off safe areas for the protest early so and monitor outlaying zones to ensure those not involved are not interfered with. A really advanced police service would have video teams out to capture the entire incident for future analysis and identification of the law breakers.
The force displayed today seemed extra motivated almost as if encouraged or sponsored by more than just the job or its official pay. Could there have been other motivation, my guess is as good as yours. When I look at today’s violent put down of dissenting opinion I cannot fail to wonder if this type of thing isn’t why our IG couldn’t be selected by a commission and approved by parliament with some security of tenure included. A professional like Mr. Boinnet doesn’t seem to be the type to order such punches below the belt on his own people.

Finally what will happen now, well CORD is sure to gain a lot of sympathy votes. The ruling party ought to quickly review history, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther, Indra Gandhi, the second liberation-Kenya among many other peaceful revolutions. The thing that most served to fan those fires was badly disguised official brutality, force, vicious repercussion and obstinate refusal to consider views of a large portion of the populace. The president has the best opportunity to demonstrate statesmanship and steer our nation away from this violent route early.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Why Jacob Juma Deserves a Good Whooping!

Let me begin by sending my condolences to Mr. Juma’s family and friends. His life and contribution to bettering our country will be missed. He did not deserve this fate.
Even as we mourn him, if I could find a way of getting a hold of Jacob, I would get my belt out and give him a lashing, seven of the best for his suicidal stance on his own safety and security. Since he was shot much has already been said, in this article I hope to use available details of the circumstances surrounding that successful hit to describe the tendencies that exposed him and continue to expose such type of successful personalities to greater risk.
Are you a prominent personality? Are you an exceptionally successful individual, a game changer in whatever field? Do you make enviably big bucks are you regarded as wealthy? This discussion is for you. There are other people with risky jobs like I-NGO workers, some public servants such as chief and others. You may pick up a few pointers on your security although your regime will be markedly different if in no other way for the cost and appropriateness.
For my target group let me say to you from this onset, that you are a marked person. A target for theft, for assassination, for kidnap, for extortion, for disruption and or other attacks to yourself, to your loved ones, to your estate, to your reputation, girlfriends or ‘clandes’ whatever you may call them included. Why me? That’s simple, ever heard of dog eat dog? Man has an intuitively competitive nature and not every one of us plays by the rules. Therefore you don’t need to have done anything to anyone for you to have enemies. Jacob Juma didn’t have to have done anything to anyone, the fact that he was already wealthy some calling him a billionaire businessman made him a clear target. The fact that he had several ongoing court cases where high stakes were involved and the fact that he openly pointed accusing fingers especially on the Eurobond saga made Jacob’s personal threat level extremely high so much so that if Mr. Juma was a country like Kenya I would have put his security threat status at ‘Red- Imminent’, which is the highest possible before the actual attack. Mr. Juma himself is reported to have spoken about the possibility of his own assassination.
Given his situational analysis why did the crooks succeed in taking him out seemingly so easily? why didn’t he take sufficient steps to ensure his protection? It sure could not have been lack of resources to pay for it, might it have been lack of adequate information? This article although too late for him could help you.
Normally people tend to quickly and many times correctly note an increase in threat level toward themselves many top personalities even go to media with the perceived threats to their lives. Only a small percentage of them actually seek state security assistance though. In Jacob’s case he might have only been looking at perceived threats from individuals already in government hence his lack of involving the police. It seems he totally neglected threat possibilities from other quarters even after surviving a previous assignation attempt last in November 2015. Court orders can be obtained to restrain and keep away persons who have threatened you many times these are effective with domestic and other low level threats. The police don’t have the capacity to personally protect everyone but was he and are you limited to only obtaining professional help from the police? In Kenya the trend has been to assume any strongly built man offers sufficient security, that a fierce ‘rungu’ wielding Maasai guard offers the deterrence to all criminals. May be in ages past, crime has since evolved and the level of sophistication of the perpetrators now requires highly skilled even specialized agents to protect you. Look at Jacob’s case it’s still not clear where he was murdered only where his body was found, no bullet cartridge was found at the scene did his killers use specialized equipment or was he brought there already shot? Remember Hon. Muchai, he had a body guard with him in the car who carried only a traditional club, how inappropriate for the occasion

 I hope Jacob had not just hired some bruise face looking guys to chauffer him around because indeed that is not what it takes why don’t we learn? Close Protection is a discipline in itself within the security industry. Not all police or military officers have trained in it, in fact a smaller number are actually versed in it. This means apart from the president and possibly the deputy president most other leaders have ordinary police officers to guard them which is a step higher than the bow and arrow wielding watchmen (no insult intended) conclusion it’s not that our VIPs are safe guarded, it’s their day that has just not come yet, God forbid!
When initial reports of Mr. Juma’s shooting came out I thought it happened when he was driving along and I wondered why a man like him would not have a bullet proof car and a personal firearm. Both those things it has emerged he had as many of my target readerships will probably have. Yet those things while being a step in the right way, have proved grossly insufficient especially so when specific threats have been assessed to yourself. Specific threats will include details like overt statements made against you, identified enemies with the intent to do you harm possibly over particular issues these may also have marked timeliness or know areas where the threat may be executed.
When you find yourself working against such odds further steps you could take include hire a professional VIP Protection service (check their credentials before), they should require you engage one or more chase cars, they will also review security at your residence/s, offices, family and travelling protocols etc based on the nature of the threat. Get a reputable firm with which you can share the known details of the threat because unless they know what they are up against your protection may become insufficient. How did Mr. Juma or his security detail carryout surveillance and counter surveillance? This is where your enemies watch you to find out where and when it is best to strike.  Your team ought to have capacity to manage the information gathering process threats are never stagnant and continued assessment and reassessment is mandatory.
The service you hire will advise you on the measures which may affect your lifestyle choices. For example did Jacob have a determinable routine including times, people and places? Having already announced his deadly suspicions why would he be out for a drink across town from his Karen residence, in Westlands in the evening. as was Hon. Muchai, Mr. Juma could have been drugged there allowing his killers to taking him away. Was it failure to properly internalize the real threat against himself or was it over confidence in his own ability to keep himself safe? At my caning he could explain, as for you, your status in life and the life choices you make will determine what security measures will apply. If for example you expose participants in grand corruption scandals or if you are that chief raiding all bootleg dens in your area then walking alone at night on deserted pathways may not be a freedom you can enjoy safely. A good close protection services will evaluate the level of exposure to every activity you are scheduled to engage in. For some which you agree are absolutely necessary they may set up the most appropriate protection so as to let you engage and for other times the team leader will ask you to avoid those occasions or places. After all you don’t see the president going about town no matter if he would personally love to.
Depending on the threat you may be forced to consider how well your loved ones are protected. You know if they can’t get at you directly they will stop at nothing. It’s critical to extend professional protection to all likely avenues to getting to you.  Some of the protection may come in physical form as protective agents. (In Kenya you can have female agents to offer same sex cover where required). In addition protection can be offered in awareness training, pre engagement security analysis and communication and using technology including vehicle and personal trackers etc Sometimes it may require a sanitation of friends too not just in person but control or complete absence on social media which is a big avenue through which you may be gotten to.

Cheap is always more expensive in this case the insufficient measure turned out to be deadly. Don’t let me write about your case pay for good professional security.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


I have no doubt that the government has its good reasons for wanting to end the long standing refugee programs on its territory, some of them possibly stemming from frustrations experienced in effectively policing the camps against terrorist operations. Even as the decision is made to send home more than half a million refugees some pertinent questions ought to be answered.
We must ask will this decision affect all refugee nationalities because if it will, would we send back the South Sudanese, their national leadership has shamelessly taken that country back to civil war?
Will we also send back the Burundians remember President Nkurunzinza took it upon himself to retain power even at the cost of the lives of his countrymen? What of the other nationalities who have been with us for so many years surely we are not saying they too are in collusion with al shabaab, are we?
Assuming we actually send back Somali refugees, to where do we think they will go? It is clear the Somali government can barely ensure security in the capital Mogadishu let alone in the rest of that country. It has been a function that requires the help of AMISOM to which we are a major contributor. Just this year we couldn’t protect our own troops in el Adde. Funny are we not planning for a contradiction in our efforts?
Think of a situation where once kicked out the refugees are left to fend for themselves in a hostile homeland or are put in a less protected, more easily accessible camp in southern Somalia say in the Geddo region. Won’t that be like handing any advantage we have now with them in Kenya to the enemy?
The last time I checked our national borders were vulnerable. Please reassure me by confirming that this is not the case now. Confirm that GoK has built an impenetrable security wall all around the country. Just how do those in government proposing the closure of the camps intend to stop ex refugees with feelings of being betrayed and then radicalized in Somalia or Sudan etc from crossing over to exert their revenge on us? If we have a problem now I think it will quadruple if the closure happens as proposed.
Are we then held hostage having to choose between the two decisions? I think not. There are always more options like we could relocate the camps further away from the borders and even reduce the size or specify the national composition of the camps, we could institute tougher entry and exit procedures in the camps, and we could set up a more effective intelligence system in the camps among other strategies that I am sure the stakeholders if honest can develop. Even if it is financing for the national refugee program let the UN and other involved agencies agree on a funding program for security. I urge the different sides to allow more deliberation on this issue. As for GoK refugees can become our ambassadors have we thought of that Para 11.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Our National IDs Should List the Type of Creature

  In African communities there exist three types of creatures, the plant eaters who are the majority so long as we don’t have any ivory on us! Then there are scavengers who tend to make the best of a bad situation and the ruling class, the predators. Why this is not reflected on our government issued identification cards, I can only relegate to the existence of a continent wide conspiracy. After all, most of our government’s require indicated on the ID cards, details of region and locale from where an applicant hails. Why not indicate there too, an individuals probable or chosen inclination towards corruption, impunity, nepotism and sycophancy in the public space? If I were a scientist I’d probably research how best to measure these increasingly concerning and common traits of our society.
Most people are plant eaters, commoners, people engaged in the proverbial rat race, your regular hustlers. They as in the wild are the majority, why they don’t just vote one of their own as king of the jungle, despite the fact that kingdoms are mostly inherited, baffles me. Aside from their number a plant eater’s calling in life is to provide food, purpose and entertainment to those on top of society’s hierarchy. They keep the economy of the wild in pristine condition, trimming the grass and shrubbery, carrying seed from one end to the other and keeping the soils fertile at the same time, a real hustle by any standards.
Then there is the ruling class, predators; lions, cheetahs, leopards, praying mantis, spiders, snakes and crocodiles among others. Although the Lion is king he needs all the rest to rule his kingdom properly. At this juncture I am reminded of my sub chief and the MCA hmm; I wonder where they fit in all this! Well the ruling class exists to enforce supposedly agreed rules and regulations. Yet somehow I don’t believe the plant eaters agreed to being eaten and to being taken advantage of and lied to at each turn. If there is anything that has so hindered the continents progress and caused us untold suffering and even death it is SSPC [State Sponsored and Propagated Corruption]. This is where all sorts of unethical behavior including impunity, nepotism, greed and tribalism manifest. State sponsors take illegal actions or omissions for the success of the crime, later they provide some financial consideration for work done to lower ranked predators. This trend is then propagated when scavengers observe and learn from insatiable hunters. Indeed my chosen mark on their IDs would be a big ‘P’ for predator.
Finally there is the group known as scavengers; hyenas, vultures, sharks, flesh eating warms and cockroaches etc Many of these creatures are not strictly scavengers they will hunt and kill for themselves albeit only the weak and vulnerable. In the kingdom of man, many middle management practitioners of corruption including procurement officers, journalists, cops, lawyers, pathologists, certified auditors, judges and now some bankers in Kenya;       fall in this category also. Actually it isn’t the profession it is the practitioner, remember the predator pastors? Disaster is when a vulture metamorphoses into an honorable leopard or even an Excellency lion. You may have noticed their appetites don’t normally get affected for the better by such changes.
Who will save us, clawless hordes, adorned with mouths full of molars and premolars; good only for chomping on the la Nina affected greenery? Will that ‘H’ for hustler or ‘GC’ for grass cutter on our IDs help? It is time more buffalos faced of these marauding lions and some big horns chased down unscrupulously ravenous hyenas. Come, next election I will vote for the toughest anti corruption manifesto presented even if the only thing contained in the plan is an explicit time bound strategy to defeat corruption. It does not matter what else a prospective leader promises they could go ahead and outline their envisioned highway to heaven I don’t care. All I want is someone who will convince me that I will be alive to see it, that ‘me’ and mine will not be part of a lion king’s energy boost to get him there.

Friday, 8 April 2016