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“But if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you will be victorious on a hundred occasions.” 
Sun-Tsu (The Art of War)
This famous quote from Sun Tsu’s widely studied writings sums up the raison d'ĂȘtre and the thrust behind this analysis of our situation, which is to provoke the avoidance of possible future catastrophe. 
I was led to consider the topic, ‘Kenya, a Dooms Day Scenario’, after reading a, “PROPHECY ABOUT KENYA uttered in Arabic by Prophet Maged Gimian, from Egypt, at ICIPE hall, Nairobi, Kenya, On April 28th 2007. Translated word by word by Dr. Nabil Morcos into English”
I am the first one to admit that the possibilities for actualizing the warnings given through this prophet in 2007 are not restricted to the specific ones suggested below and the publishing of this analysis should not be confused with any such claims.  Anyone interested in reading the prophecy itself can find a copy on the internet in a booklet by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya titled; 100 Days of Prayer for Kenya on page 4-6. Some issues we are facing in Kenya are decried there including crookedness and a sordid lust after money. I was also struck by the plausible references to significant international happenings which at that time had not occurred including the Brexit, the destruction of Libya or Syria and the redefining of national borders after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine among others Pg.4 Para.4.
This analysis was carried out using publically available information and has been guided by particular leading statements in the prophecy. For example in the choice of timing a 10 years grace period mentioned at least three times was significant. That period is scheduled to end in April 2017 just before our general elections in August of the same year. In addition the reference to a strange, stealthy, spiritual power, a false prophet with a law code (Sharia) infiltrating our country. Colleagues agree with me this is Islamic terrorism and the unseen and unspoken of, forces behind it, thus my reference to the actors pointed out below. In our considerations we exempted different possible groups who may have recently come to Kenya for one reason or another e.g. the Chinese who have lately gained a substantial presence in the country but have not come in a subtle, secretive way. Rather they are here by our invitation, with our full acknowledgement and have participated in land mark projects like the Super Highway and the building of the standard gauge railway. Other strangers include the different refugee communities seeking safety in Kenya but then the prophecy itself specifically exempts refugees from suspicion Pg6 Para3. The devil worshipers on the other hand although operating evil spiritual powers have been around for a long time now and may also have roots in traditional witchcraft. A reference on Pg. 5 Para 4,Kenya will fall down in a progressive series of a very steep decline in the form of disasters, starvations, wars, with the end result that Kenya will fall down and be given to another, and vanish away from existence with no salvation.”, also caught my attention and I have factored its implications in this analysis. What seems to me the toughest judgment declared in the prophecy, the complete wiping away of our history and our destiny (God’s planned future for the country) Pg. 4 Para.3 and Pg.5, Para.2 is an important factor and thus I considered the current state of affairs in the country, the threats we face and the general posture of the global village to determine just how that could come to pass.
The efficacy of the prophecy itself is not examined in this article although it is significant to note that the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya thought it important enough to reproduce and call its members to a 100 days fast and prayer session. That program was carried out between July-October 2014, yet can we say as a nation that we have truly done this, “repent from deception, crookedness, and maliciousness; from worldly ways and agendas, and from sordid/shameful gain.” “Let your leaders climb up with me to the mountain of Olives, to Gethsemane and let them shed blood instead of tears, so that I won't wipe away my people in Kenya” Pg.5 Para2 ?
We can debate the analysis, we can contradict it but we cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and wish away the possibility of such disaster. Prophecy is unto the church not to sinners therefore the lives and destiny of this nation will be required of the church in Kenya and we must quickly think what we shall do and when we must do it in order to stop its looming likelihood.
God is a merciful God but He is also a God of justice, Pslm 89:14, Exds 20:4-7; it is better for us to choose mercy over the judgment that is due to us by reason of the spilt blood, ( We have all spilt it, every day, all day long; thro colonial and independence wars, in extra judicial killings by government, the many abortions being done, the many violent crimes continuously being committed, in our corporation with terrorists to kill innocent lives, in violence driven by tribal politics and hate, in the prevalent domestic violence in our homes, in the health industry as the staff don’t care or chase after money, in traditional activities like cattle rustling & FGM, thro fatal neglect of the poor, weak or vulnerable amongst us, in sale of deadly products like 2nd generation liquor and hard drugs that have slaughtered so many, thro lack of care and irresponsible driving on our roads, by encouraging and allowing reckless behavior like smoking, abuse of alcohol or sex, in occultism or witchcraft and thro the wide spread corruption which directly or indirectly has contributed to loss of life), Gen 4:10  that continues to scream in His ears; Prophecy; Pg.5, Para.1
This hypothesis was provoked by a prophecy about Kenya by Prophet Maged Gimian, in 2007 and published on the internet by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya. The analysis aims to provoke serious consideration on the avoidance of the forewarned future catastrophe and was guided by particular revealing statements in the prophecy itself while using publically available information to understand its actualization.
Some of the prophetic leading statements included those to do with the timing of the perils, where a 10 years grace period is scheduled to end in April 2017 just before our general elections in August. The Enemy who is called a strange, stealthy spiritual power, a false prophet with a law code infiltrating our country, appears to be Islamic terrorism as seen in ISIL and Al Shabaab and there advocacy for strict Sharia law. The Speed & Severity of the judgment on our country as seen in this statement, “Kenya will fall in short sharp decline”, Led me to consider any possible means to actualize that end and to portend that it could come before the close of the decade.
It is clear that we as individuals and collectively as a country are guilty by reason of spilling fellow man’s blood in fiften ways that have been identified. That blood is reported to be accusing us before God continuously and without possibility of being ignored. While comparing current affairs it became clear that the prophetic statements are not sudden future predictions only but that they are unfolding even now through various seemingly unrelated incidents within and without the country those include the sharp increase of Somali economic power, frequent riots seen on our streets and the obvious interest of state actors like Turkey.
Both in the prophecy and in current affairs Kenya is identified as a strategically positioned country, a regional leader in many aspects thus making us a more attractive target to the enemy.  Both ISIL & AL Shabaab don’t have capacity to mount an overt assault against us and so in the past Al shabaab tried different strategies to defeat Kenya. The only other major tactic they employ elsewhere and have not tried in Kenya is assassination of politicians and national leaders. Having failed strategically in those other attacks their war tacticians must now find an effective plan. This may involve the combination of political assassination with capitalization on our weakness when it comes to elections as seen from the violent, tribal breakouts of the 1990s and 2007/8.  The article therefore theorizes that terrorist intent on defeating, destroying and capturing Kenya could take advantage of our inherent corrupt culture, the tribal nature of our politics and a growing propensity towards violence to spark self distraction followed by their conquest. Weapons of mass distraction are also suggested as a possible means of attack and achieving the erasure of our history as suggested. Apart from human instigated catastrophe the oracle declares other disasters and starvations to be part of the perils we stand to suffer for not repenting and returning to God. The possibilities and indications for them are explored including disease outbreak in our main food staple maize. In addition traditional support from the Babylon system is declared to end thus the possible reaction of global and regional partners is also examined exposing our complete vulnerability to the hypothesized situations.
In order to provide balance much like in the biblical account in Genesis of pharos dream with seven fat cows and seven impoverished cows, I was led to consider the blessings mentioned in the same prophecy. From that exercise seven thematic areas became apparent as follows: Grace and Restoration, Deliverance and Peace, Appointment, Purification and Power, Healing and National Re-definition, Promotion and Leadership, Dominance and Wonder, Responsibility and Blessing of the Church Leadership. Similar themes to these are also apparent in other prophecies delivered by leading men and women of God some of those have been provided here in demonstration of God’s consistency and good intentions in His directions and dealings with us Kenyans. The analysis concludes by revealing that the choice between blessings and perils belongs to Kenyans.

Although Islamic terrorism begun its attacks in the late seventies with the Norfolk hotel bombing in Nairobi this strange religious power astronomically escalated its activities and the intensity of them starting from 2011 after Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) went in hot pursuit after Al shabaab terrorists in Somalia. Al Shabaab which is affiliated to the global Al Qaeda movement was formed around 2006. It has had a mainly Somalia based national agenda although they have now repeatedly shown themselves as not afraid to conduct attacks outside that country albeit in response to the perceived aggression of the countries where they have attacked e.g. Uganda in a twin attack as people watched the world cup in 2010 and in Djibouti the bombing of a restaurant, in Kenya the Westage attack, all in 2013 among many others.

Al Shabaab is not the only enemy. The Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (IS), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) also goes by the name, Daesh or Daish and is arguably the leading terrorist organization on the globe today. The group declared a worldwide caliphate in 2014 and announced Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its caliph. To learn more:

They have produced a map that indicates their intended region of control (Caliphate) which includes Kenya, clearly announcing the group’s bigger territorial and international jihadist agenda.
A marked difference with Al Qaeda, Daesh believes more in the strict and practical application of the Koran and all Muhammad’s writings and lifestyle. Things many modern day Muslims will not condone including stoning, crucifixion, slavery, amputations and beheading. “The group follows a distinctive variety of Islam whose beliefs about the path to the Day of Judgment matter to its strategy, and can help the security agencies know its enemy and predict its behavior”.

Already there are reports of recruitment activity in Kenya and some defections in the Somalia based al shabaab. Our mass media has frequently reported the disappearance of youth supposedly radicalized and taken to join the terror group’s ranks in Syria. We know from the European experience that such recruits return to their home countries after sometime and continue the jihad there. Nonetheless progressive military pressure is being brought to bear on the group in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Europe, Egypt and Northern Nigeria in all these areas it is losing capability and or territory. For the group to remain relevant to its supporters and not fade away like the once more powerful Al Qaeda it must make significant new moves. Could the takeover of Kenya as described in the prophecy be one move on its cross hires? That’s a distinct possibility and so is it also, for Al Qaeda who may want to regain lost “glory” in the same way especially so now that they have already demonstrated their capability of staging multiple attacks in the country during the 2002 attempted shoot down of the Israeli Arkia aircraft as it took off from Mombasa and on the same day the attack on Paradise hotel at Kikambala.

Both these groups espouse the strict observance of Sharia law and they have not surrendered nor renounced their intent to strike at Kenya. Do not be deceived we are not at peace. A lull in the rate of attacks we are seeing is not equivalent to a denunciation of hostilities this is more likely a planning and repositioning phase before we see a launch in new tactics that are likely to be those that we may not have expected, judging from past violence activity.   

Moving by all the above qualities it seems the description of an already present but secretly, stealthily invading stranger, a false prophet with a law code of the gentiles to be used to govern maliciously and wilily, Pg6 Para1. One using a strange religious power that has no roots in Kenya (suicide terrorism), Pg6 Para4, but has the intention to be given this land Pg5 Para4, an instrument to be used by the beast out of Hades Pg4 Para4, of the prophecy, fits perfectly with the above named actors.

Why would these terrorists choose Kenya? The prophecy declares, “Beware, for if Kenya falls down, many other nations will fall down and vanish away by the vanishing of Kenya.” Pg5, end. The country is strategically placed and is a regional leader in many aspects and we cannot afford to be ignorant of the Islamic expansionist plans into Africa. Some of those intentions were captured in the Abuja Declaration of 1989 which is an Islamic initiative to take over Africa. One of its guarded objectives is “to eradicate in all its forms and ramifications all non-Muslim religions in member nations (such religions shall include Christianity, Ahmadiyya and other tribal modes of worship unacceptable to Muslims)”.
In the dark world they always seek to block and to imitate God’s work. In the Old Testament animal blood sacrifice was used now replaced with the blood sacrifice of Jesus our savior hang on the cross and they in turn mimic that by requiring blood sacrifices animal and human on various occultism alters and so on. Through history the devil has routinely used violence to try and stop the peaceful expansion of the body of Christ.
That God has an agenda with Kenya as widely herd in many more prophecies by His servants means the devil will have an interest to stop and convert the divine purpose to his own. We can stop him or assist him the choice is our own Pg6 Para4. Deut 30:19 lets chose life for ourselves and our seed.

Where or how would they attack now? Al Shabaab was first on the scene and they begun by trying to cause all Kenyans to fear them by throwing grenades in various parts of Nairobi and issuing threats so much that we would compel our government to exit Somalia. When that failed they tried to cause religious enmity and war between Christians and Muslims by attacking churches and servants of God. That didn’t work either so they tried attacking our economy by striking at places like Westgate targeting INGO workers, and the coastal stripe so that tourists flee Kenya. They tried to spark off tribal war in the coast by striking at the Kikuyu community in Mpeketoni. They have also tried to estrange the Somali community by attacking non locals in places like Mandera & Garissa to gain territory there or to acquire recruits and collaborators from their expected backlash by the rest of the country on Kenyan Somalis.  They have tried attacking security installations in and out of the country to demonstrate their viability as a terror group and the weakness of our security teams or our inability to govern those regions. Most recently we have noticed an elevation in possible recruitment of government security agents. Why? possibly to gain access or proximity to attack sites in a non-suspicious manner or more likely it is meant to gather relevant security information and breed suspicion and fear between serving officers so much so, as to incapacitate our national security operations and allow space for the group’s ongoing or planned future activities. What we have not witnessed in all the shabaab’s arsenal of tactics is the attempted assassination of VIPs here in Kenya yet in Somalia this has been the case since the group’s inception in 2006. We have seen the presidential palace being attacked severally in Somalia. This demonstrates the possibility of conceiving to do the same here this time round. A continued porous border & the insurgent’s proven smuggling prowess with ivory, counterfeit goods and small arms may assist them to acquire equipments to launch such an attack.  Yet not much would be needed to assassinate one or two leaders on a campaign trail around the country that’s why it is so conceivable. Given the already stepped up efforts by our national security services to defeat terrorism as has been manifested in the past, terrorists may be looking for a relatively more easily executable plan requiring fewer attackers acting alone without the need for too much equipment but whose actions will result in their desired outcome.
Terror strategists planning this type of attack will know that assassinating the president although it will have huge bragging value and significantly negative economic impact to Kenya, does not guarantee a death blow to the country and the consequent removal of Kenya Defense Forces from Somalia. In fact it may only serve to send in a major military action there. Both ISIL and Al Shabaab planners’ even if for different reasons will be interested in the complete fall of Kenya. For either group to achieve that end, they will be looking for a strategy that can make that happen.
One way would be for them to enlist the Kenyans themselves albeit their being unawares of the plot. How would that work? Well they will have noted the ethnic driven post election violence (PEV) 2007/08 including other clashes in parts of the country during the 90’s and if they could provoke the same only on a grander scale then maybe it would be possible. A political assassination attack as suggested above in Kenya during election time as we are now is entirely conceivable as I hope to show in this analysis.
The most impactful strike is likely not to be against the sitting president who is commander in chief and leader of government rather I premise that the best target would be the leading CORD coalition figure just before or after the voting day.  Given the distrust, tribal animosity seething just under the skin, a history of political assassinations the same already alluded to against current prominent personalities without legal remedy to date. Note also the opposition figures are an easier target in terms of security compared to the president.  And even if suspicion of the attack was indicated through intelligence means for example, it may prove difficult and or unacceptable to the opposition as they may see attempts to give more security as attempts to curtail freedom of movement and association and therefore freedom to campaign. Coming back to the assassination, to ensure its maximum desired effect terrorists could probably follow up the initial attack in a day or so by taking out some JAP coalition personalities say one from rift valley like a governor or other leader and possibly one of the controversially outspoken Kikuyu MPs. That is sure to cause wide spread confusion, tribal animosity and tensions enough to spark off ethnic based war as both CORD and JAP supporters in their ethnic groupings would see the incidents as aggressor and counter aggressor. A repeat of 2007 is then very likely as the remaining political leaders fearing the worst for their side and for their people would then weep up negativity as never before, effectively being recruited into the terrorist’s cause.

What would follow? The enemy would then take advantage of the chaos in the country to bring in more attackers as the over stretched security mechanism grapples with the extensive out breaks of electoral violence. The challenge for the terrorists will be to make it look convincingly like the assassinations are government and opposition party sponsored acts (see 10 below). This is significant also to dupe the international community so that instead of rallying to defeat terror they would be reminded of the International Criminal Court (ICC) charges against the president and his deputy therefore making it bad international politics for them to turn and intervene in the country on a dime. The insurgents can then use the teams they bring in to target other major points in short succession to cause panic and a flight from the country by those able to run. Amidst all that we may move into a state of emergency the political and tribal pressures still present may also push KDF down the road to breakdown of military discipline and outright mutiny leading us to fighting more than one war against terror as we turn against each other, “brother against brother” (S. Sudan a case in hand). Those with the cash (mainly leadership, investors and the foreign community) will escape leaving us almost leaderless, amidst an electoral crisis and without alleys. Effects similar to those of professionals leaving NE Kenya after al shabaab struck Mandera and Garissa severally in 2014-2015 will then be replicated on a national scale. The different battle fronts including against the incoming extreme violence, Sharia advocating Islamic occupiers will ensure complete distraction from economic activities like farming as people fight or flee that in turn will guarantee starvation sickness and more loss of life from the secondary effects for a much wider swath of the population including those in traditionally less violence prone areas. The new occupiers could also offer to buy off the surviving rich people at the ensuing reduced prices of property (disaster capitalism) so as to affect a complete and legal takeover of what remains. For those who still stay behind; conversion to Islam is sure and marrying off to the occupiers to create a new friendly population, servitude or death will be the portion of the rest thus erasing our history. What history? One of being free religiously, a democratic secular state, of being a majority Christian nation, an economic leader and regional hub and of being a peaceful place a refugee for other nationalities fleeing war in their homes, a wildlife paradise and our tribal heritage. That will all be erased.

Apart from the assassination and PEV plot hypothesized above another means that may be used by the enemy could include a biological weapons attack. Although to date none has been carried out successfully in Kenya. The IG of Police Mr. Boinnet announced in May 2016 the arrest of some members of an ISIL terror cell working as medical staff in Kenya (Makueni, Kitale) and Uganda they were suspected of experimenting with hazardous substances including anthrax with the intention of staging a mass casualty attack as was witnessed in Westgate in Nairobi. He said the terror cell was also responsible for recruiting university students to go to Syria and Libya in which at least 20 youth are known to have gone.
Although the government has made some initiative towards defeating this kind of attack it may not be sufficient to contain an episode strategically executed on a national scale therefore what has mainly kept the enemy at bay is the lack of an appropriate weapon. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, 2013-2016 had a mortality rate of up to 70% slightly less for those hospitalized. “The respective governments have reported a total of 28,657 suspected cases and 11,325 deaths (39.5%), though the WHO believes that this substantially understates the magnitude of the outbreak”, from Wikipedia. This kind of pathogen if used as a weapon might have been a real danger at the point that the cure had not been found. If the currently bomb donning suicide terrorists would have determined to kill by spreading this scourge then a much bigger part of our public would have been infected than happened there. Today a different strain or a new disease working with similar intensity could easily be exploited by terrorists to achieve a dooms day scenario for our nation.
Many other different possibilities for causing the catastrophes mentioned in the prophecy where the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) already exist like the use of dirty bombs, Soviet made back pack bombs or suitcase nuclear weapons all of which are known to interest groups like ISIL and the AL Qaeda backed Al Shabaab might be what is selected for their use. ;

The explosive charge of one portable/ suitcase nuclear bomb upon detonation is calculated to be around one kiloton yield of explosive power that is, equivalent to one thousand tons (1million Kgs) of TNT. Compare that to the 900kgs of TNT explosive used against the US embassy in Nairobi in 1998.    
In addition if one is used to attack our capital that will produce a long running effect akin to those of Nagasaki or Hiroshima on human beings, the natural environment and continued development of the area possibly covering the larger CBD in Nairobi. If targeted upon major infrastructure on a busy day such an explosive might directly cause the death of a million or more people at one go.  While this theory may seem far out it should be remembered that the defeat and ultimate erasure of many civilizations throughout the history of mankind, as is promised about our own nation unless we turn, the prophecy Pg. 4 Para.3 and Pg.5, Para.2, has often been effected after the destruction of a kingdoms seat of authority and the major cities and towns of that land Num33:50-52. Examples include biblical Jericho - Joshua Chpt. 5&6, Jerusalem in AD70 by Emperor Titus, Babylon several times, ancient Rome in 476 CE by Germanic tribes , Kismayo and Mogadishu (overrun even if not destroyed)  in the 2011 AMISOM takeover of Somalia and numerous others in all parts of the globe. Given that both the above mentioned terror groups do not have the capability at least in numbers to drive an overt military force down into the country and to its capital they will be looking for an alternative such us those offered by Chemical Biological Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) weapons to achieve their objective. It should not be lost to us that much as our security agencies work hard to forestall any of these scenarios it is telling that no security organ in the world can say with authority that they have sealed all possible loop holes. We therefore must note that,
After April 2017, if we have not followed through on what we know is His stated will for us we will be on our own.

For a country to be wiped away as is described; “end result that Kenya will fall down and be given to another, and vanish away from existence with no salvation.” Prophecy on Pg. 5 Para 4 It means that even our borders will be removed or redrawn. That has not happened to any country in memorable history including Somalia which has been in a state of virtual conflict for almost three decades now. The USSR broke up but Russia still remains and the people’s history throughout that region was not erased. As it is we share many ethnicities with people in neighboring countries. Notably Al Shabaab in Somalia has been working to annex off the North Eastern regions all the way down to Lamu. The Maasai, Pokot and Turukana even Samburu and Rendile in the north of the country among others all have pre-colonial ties and blood lines moving across the border. Could we be staring at such bitter internal conflict and major disasters that wipe away so many that it is decided to curve out those tribal lands on each side of the country while living the larger portion for occupation by the foretold evil power? It is very likely if terrorist militants the kind seen elsewhere on the continent (Libya and Nigeria) swarm down from Somalia they might occupy the defenseless (from internal conflict) coastal region and then move inwards. Indeed in this way our national history can be wiped away, churches and any other building that doesn’t agree with their extremist ideology being blown up along the way as has happened to many UNESCO world heritage sites in Syria and in Mali.

 A number of local Muslim investors may opt to cooperate with the “occupiers” to secure their gains to date, rather than become refugees or death statistics. Somalis, Kenyan or otherwise grew significantly in economic strength in the last decade, the same period when piracy plagued the horn of Africa coast line. It is highly probable that at least some of the illegal millions estimated at “between $339 million and $413 million from 179 ships hijacked in the period 2005-2012”, and paid to Somali pirates as ransom was reinvested in Kenya curtsey of high corruption and a weak monitoring system. In addition they have been associated with smuggling of counterfeit goods through Somalia, trafficking ivory and human beings. Together with other Kenya Muslims they have also been identified as recipients of suspect foreign donations from the international Muslim community including organizations in Saudi Arabia which is usually seen as a precursor for the introduction of a hard line Wahabi version of Islam already witnessed in the country.
To be fair to Somalis some of their money could have come from friends and relatives in the diaspora (Europe, USA & Canada) who were earlier resettled there. The larger Muslim community and specifically the Kenyan Somalis are a very cohesive close nit group with a code of honor amongst themselves that allows them to focus economic effort very strategically. They are also a hard working and thrifty lot who can turn smaller investments into big business over a short time as has been demonstrate countless times in and out of the country, so not all their success is related to criminal activity. Nonetheless many Somalis have acquired massive properties in different areas of Kenya many having corrupted their way into citizenship (a commonly accepted indictment).  They now own various big businesses like in the real estate and properties sector, a large share of the petroleum importation and distribution business, increasingly in the banking sector, transportation including long distance trucking and passenger bus services and import/export related businesses among others.
While at the moment this may be passed off as a right sizing of economic status after decades of marginalization it should be equally noted that Christians have made little concerted effort to truly share God’s good news with Muslims in Kenya; an example of this failure is in the Somali refugees now scheduled to be returned to their predominantly Islamic national confines and yet probably less than 5% of all of them can claim Jesus as their savior. That coming from a predominantly, Christian country where they resided for 3 decades! The rapid upsurge in Muslim related financial status could instead be the beginning of a divinely ordered takeover by a hard task master in judgment for our ineptness with matters of His Kingdom. We have seen Kenyan youth going to join ISIL and also the raise of Mombasa Republican Council in Mombasa tracing allegiance to colonial Arabic rulers in Zanzibar. Even then not all Kenyan Muslims may desire the kind of takeover hypothesized in this article many of them being peaceful law abiding citizens. Yet if such hard times occur their first obligation will be to save themselves and their families as may be for any of us. Terrorists at the moment may find some support among extremist individuals hiding their intentions around the country. As for most of the local Muslim community they will only find themselves shockingly as unwilling pones possibly more unsafe than the Christians who would be subject to slavery and a tax known us the Jizya found in the “Koran’s ninth chapter, which instructs Muslims to fight Christians and Jews “until they pay it with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” The moderate Kenyan Muslim on the other hand will probably be judged by the new extremist authority to be an apostate as has happened elsewhere and thus subject to direct execution: link, Para 1;

Civilus in his article: The 4 Stages in Islamic Conquest; identifies the phases as Infiltration, Consolidation of Power, Open War with Leadership & Culture and finally Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy. Given the above analysis I submit that Kenya is somewhere in rapid transition between stage 2-3, in which case amplified open religious hostility and attempted subjugation of Christians and other faiths in this country should be expected to increase going forward.

How do tribalism, hate speech, official impunity and corruption contribute to this scenario? Tribalism is normally fueled by among other things the hate speech spewed out by politicians on opposing sides. The scourge grows more during election times and has pervaded all sectors of society the security service no exception.
On the other hand we have already witnessed frequent accusations of police extrajudicial killings and impunity. Some people will put those occurrences at a more than five illegal killing per week.
Any death of a prominent leader or his family member in this country is already seen as suspect political assassination. In addition corruption has taken a religious posture with most Kenyans willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder to gain money. In August 2016 five KDF officers from Kabete barracks were arrested with lethal bomb making materials hidden in one house likely meant for sale to any willing buyer in the country.  Obviously leading in a group of those who may be interested would have been the terrorists. It will be no stretch of the imagination then for shabaab to covertly purchase the separate services of officers on each side of the political contest to undertake the assassinations hypothesized above. The recent apparent indoctrination of 1-3 officers mentioned in some terrorism related news incidents is a pointer to this possibility. Indeed such a scenario would provide just the ideal cover required to provoke tribal war.

Notice the increasing number of public protests and riots all over the country for every issue where people feel aggrieved is it as a result of lack of confidence in the available conflict resolution options or is it the obstinate disregard for justice and the less confrontational means of resolution by authority centers? Whatever it is, the upsurge in mass action is ominously widespread and frequent. This habit with continued encouragement may become the precursor to possible greater violence during the election period which is in itself historically susceptible to violent outbreaks. Citizens are learning that to get their grievances resolved all they may need is to breakout into the street, burn tires, obstruct others, throw stones and chant down the perceived infringer of their rights. In my dooms day scenario things may start like that but these situations are often volatile and one thing can quickly run into another and before we know it we have full blown ethnic driven genocide on our hands. Tensions of this sort have already been seen in by elections in Kariobangi and Malindi and places like Narok have already shown a leaning toward tribal fighting. Looking at Burundi, South Sudan, Somali, Congo and Ivory Coast it will not be unique either.
It is estimated that in the last three years there have been more than 500 separate incidents of protests, demonstrations, riots and various public low level conflicts in Kenya. This article does not delve into the merits or demerits of each incident nor does it look at who in the opposing sides was right or wrong. Instead we argue that these incidents must not be looked at as separate incidents but as a trend, a shift in societal behavior towards conflict and that in their entirety these conflicts are an itching towards a greater future clash. This premise has three interrelated categories of mass public conflicts First there is “Promotion by Authority” type where government or leadership has shown themselves to advocate for use of mass action forces e.g. The MP led public raids against second generation illicit alcohol, done after a televised charge by no less than the president himself speaking at state house. There is the IEBC protests carried out across the country led by CORD coalition leaders to force a parliamentary review and exit of the commissioners. The fact that these violent mass actions seem to have borne desirable fruit only serves to reinforce it as a viable means of resolving disagreements. Secondly there is the “First & Best Option for Conflict Resolution” type seen in frequent incidents by medical practitioners and teachers striking including recently when doctors were suspended in Machakos or a head teacher was arrested in Eldoret, dock workers, various traders for their markets like in Kitengela or Jogoo road, Langat primary school land etc. Although some of those incidents may not have broken into violence the mobbing and demos can be likened to dry tinder awaiting a small spark before it erupts into a fire. This category also includes historical attacks related to cattle rustling and regional boundary conflicts among the Pokot, Turukana, Transmara Maasai, Kisii, etc. These are not usually undertaken as demonstrations but are sponsored and organized attacks for political or business considerations and have time and again failed to find definite resolution. This lack of firm closure to the phenomenon in turn suggesting that the various actors involved in it still see this sort of violence as their preferred means to gaining a desired result. Thirdly there is the Dip Stick, type of conflicts through which we can measure the extent of proclivity for mass out bursts of violence in our society. Most outstanding and uncharacteristic for the perpetrators is the various church leadership battles witnessed among members of the same congregation. In some parts of the country for the inheritance of leadership roles after the patriarch passed away. While in others it has been upon the appointment or transfer of a Bishop or Pastor whom a part of the congregation does not prefer. Then there is the shocking school burnings, this year catching the headlines although over 100 schools suffered similar arson attacks every year in the last three years. In addition there are some community attacks against police stations this year in Bondo after two suspected female criminals were arrested and taken there a mob arose and wanted to forcibly remove them and lynch them and in the burning down of the Syokimau AP post after it emerged officers from the post were involved in extra judicial killings. Such mob attacks indicate the ease at which people can organize for unplanned violence and destruction. Others also include the shooting and arson attack incidents that occurred at the Makueni County Assembly in which the Governor had disagreements with MCAs even that one is not unique for similar occurrences have been experienced throughout leaderships in various counties.

“The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has published a report highlighting 19 volatile counties that should be monitored closely in the run up to next year’s General Election. NCIC has earmarked Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Narok, Kericho, Kisii, Homabay, Isiolo, Turkana, Bungoma, Kiambu, Kilifi, Lamu, Migori, Baringo and Pokot as “problematic” Counties”. That is close to half the nation being likely to erupt in election related hostilities!
We are evidently a violent society with attacks being perpetrated through mass actions or singularly by individuals against each other, daily news reports and regular social media hostility will attest to that. The fear of grievously injuring a fellow man, shading another’s blood and destroying public or private property seems to have departed us.

The oracle by prophet Maged, also talks of disasters which as the other perils mentioned in the same sentence is in the plural possibly signifying different kinds and not just one incident. In my thinking this might include manifestations similar to the judgments visited on biblical Egypt by God. (Water sources could dry up or as in Rwanda during the genocide many bodies were tossed into water flowing to Lake Victoria in that way turning it to blood. Instead of just boils we may see a different strain of sickness as was the case with the Ming dynasty 1279–1368 “it collapsed mainly from within as rival groups carved up sections of the empire for themselves and fought for supremacy.” “There were famines, drought, flooding on the Yellow River, a bubonic plague pandemic, and other natural disasters.” It was claimed by many at the time that the dynasty had lost God’s Mandate. Locusts would be devastating to greenery etc indeed our existence is fragile and depends fully on God’s good will).
Disaster can come in a botched election as was the case in 2007; various controversial statements by some of the current crop of politicians in both the ruling coalition and in the main opposition coalition parties have already alluded to their preparedness to do anything legal or illegal in order to ensure a win. The fact that they are now quiet about it may not mean they have recanted their intentions rather it seems they are only intimidated by the possibility of prosecution after the last spectacle of 8 politicians in  court Disaster Mk13:8 also denotes different phenomenon including floods, tsunamis and devastating earthquakes, all regularly mentioned in relation to God’s judgments. Other than the tremor that hit Bukoba in Tanzania there were over 30 earthquakes in 2016 around the world, significant damage can be caused by this phenomenon Haiti in 2010 is a good example One disaster that has already shown likelihood of occurring is the outbreak of disease in our main food and cash crop which is maize. In the last two planting seasons two diseases have already manifested themselves, threatening horrific consequences. The first is known as Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) which originally broke out in Kuria area around 2011. This malady is one that severely damages or kills infected plants, it presents with “corn that has a dead heart at the growing point, abnormal colours or patterns on leaves that are often yellow or necrotic; moldy seeds or stems that are stunted or have died back”. The disease which has the ability to remain in the soil after harvest so as to infect the next crop has spread into most of the other East African countries, now in Ethiopia “one farmer in Oromia said,  “I saw a unique feature last July on my maize and now I lost 300 quintals in three days.’’ That is equivalent to 30000Kgs or 30Tns in 3 days! This means that, were we to be affected seriously Kenya would have to import stocks from much further afield than our region and if internal conflict manifested concurrently that may be next to impossible. Last season “maize production in Rift Valley dropped from 21 million bags to 16 million bags due to erratic rainfall pattern and repeated outbreak of the disease”. MNLD also affects forage grasses like Napier and is mainly spread by stem borers, thrips, aphids and maize beetles, so apart from locusts as was in biblical Egypt there are other creatures with disastrous potential already in position at God’s disposal to effect a judgment of His own people.
The second disease is a fungal condition known as head smut which this year (2016) was reported in parts of Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Trans Nzoia  and Elgeyo Marakwet County, the country’s bread basket. It attacks and destroys maize and other cereal crops including sorghum, grasses and all varieties of maize and was “where infected fields were found to have up to 50% loss of the crop.  At the same time we also witnessed through the news channels the continued, unrepentant shameful chasing after money through the distribution of substandard fertilizer that affected the germination of our maize crop.
In both cases of the mentioned diseases research on effective control of them is still ongoing and may not have been concluded effectively by next year. The experts recommendation to practice crop rotation and avoid using infected plants as animal fodder in order not to pass on the pathogen to the next crop has not been taken up sufficiently especially where viale alternatives are not available. In view of all this there is a real possibility that what MLND does not destroy, Head Smut will wipe away. This sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of perils spoken of in the prophecy as starvations.
Let’s begin by examining seemingly separate facts about neighboring Somalia; Even as we risk the lives of our young men and women in AMISOM; they took us to international court in 2014 over a coastal boundary disagreement (see 15 below). Whether we or they are right there will be ill feelings harbored in some; remember shabaab defectors whom although they may have since denounced the terror group to escape lethal internal wrangles, have probably not denounced their personal Jihad motivations and yet have found their way into the parliament and other leadership roles in that government. In the El Adde KDF camp attack a neighboring Somalia military contingent had, now in retrospect, suspiciously evacuated their part of the twin camps hours before the attack. In the last 3 decades Somalia has been a major market and also a route for smuggled counterfeit goods illegal trade into Kenya it is a significant entry point for small arms and an exit route for animal trophies including ivory. That trade has in the past financed the warlords and later the al shabaab operations. Those who benefited from it in the country and beyond are certainly not happy with KDF and AMISOM intervention blocking off significant places like Kismayo and Mogadishu. In addition Kenya has now announced the casting out of Somali refugees from Daadab refugee camp. This history gives the enemy sufficient reason against us. Even us we help them it shouldn’t be lost on us that any organizing of attacks as mentioned in the plot described above could well receive additional backing albeit unofficially from Somalia.

In terms of regional military backing for ourselves in the event of war; Ethiopia which in addition to AMISOM responsibilities is going through civil unrest at home in large regions of Oromia  may not want to over stretch its resources further into Kenya especially so with the already ongoing hostilities just across its border with South Sudan. Uganda already targeted by ISIL in its map and Tanzania fearing for itself will likely rush to close their borders alarmed that refugees especially in a biological attack scenario will be infected or that terrorist will mingle with fleeing people and spread the violence to them. With fighters possibly quickly flowing down into Kenya through Somalia even if the so far dormant and cash strapped East African Quick Response Force was to send troops into the country to help we can expect a war like in Syria & in Libya in which everything is destroyed that our own tribal fighting and terrorism has not already finished off.

International and regional Political plans and coalitions will change and the assistance coming from dependence on Babylon and its power will collapse” Pg4 Para 4. What would be the reaction of donor countries, the UN & money starved AU? In Africa their track record so far has been very poor in D.R Congo, Africa has been hands off and the West’s main interest has been in the natural resources not the people, Burundi election related  hostilities re-erupted in 2015 and at least 900 people have so far been killed with no intervention yet  
South Sudan internal fighting begun in 2013 and three hundred thousand people have died since  only now has international pressure forced the government to accept additional peace keepers albeit they are yet to be deployed In Dafur the ICC has indicted President Bashir of the Republic of Sudan for crimes against humanity in 2009  but is yet to arrest him to face those charges yet horrific attacks continue. In one government sponsored incident 200 women were raped in one and a half days In the Lake Chad basin and North Nigeria the Boko Haram insurgency initiated in 2009 has been rampaging the region In 2015 the group was touted as being responsible for the most fatalities of all other terror outfits, estimated at 6000 civilians in 2015   But the regional force only formed in 2015 is yet to completely defeat it. In all these situations there have been varying considerations that were responsible for the lackluster results chiefly politics, financial inability and technical unpreparedness to deal with the challenges. Responsible governments including donor countries have continued to watch posture and threaten with little on ground impact. Not much has changed since the Rwandan genocide1994 where in the space of 100 days one million lives were lost.  There is no reason to believe that were it to happen in Kenya there would be any difference in international response.
The next US president if it is to be Donald Trump he may not care for a Kenyan crisis  ;
President Obama has said Trump is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief
In addition Trump himself has alluded to removal of all US soldiers from Iraq it is unlikely he will be quick to put boots on the ground in East Africa  
Bill and Hillary Clinton on the other hand have been accused of taking advantage of their positions, Hillary When she was Secretary of State and Bill as a former US president to cut suspicious deals the world over and in the process making millions of dollars for themselves. They are associated with persons regarded as having engaged in disaster capitalism in the Sudan and DR Congo and in dealing with corrupt governments like that of President Abacha in Nigeria to facilitate suspicious oil deals. If Hillary makes it to the white house, there being no obvious reason for a change, we can only expect the trend to continue and in our case she may look to negotiate a deal with various stake holders instead of intervening immediately and directly e.g. Turkey in exchange for alliance against Russia and the EU supporting that decision because of its dependence on refugee camps that Turkey has accepted to host
The EU has current terror problems of its own anyway  that may sway them against an actual intervention which is likely to be viewed in Europe as increasing the aggravation against the Islamists. It is also possible that raising NATO (Turkey is a member) concerns   about Russia may influence the US relationship against us. Then again the US has had a trend of none interference with Saudi Arabia even when their  foreign policy actions and aid in the greater region is associated with allegations of terror links including links to the 9/11 attack in the US itself  Turkey is clearly still interested in the region we have seen its president visit both Kenya and Somalia in 2016 and President Edorgan in 2011 then as prime minister a first in more than two decades to go there. Turkey has opened its country’s largest embassy in the world and they are now curiously setting up a base there to offer training to African militaries. Using 2014 figures Turkey was the third largest donor to the country after the UK and the USA. There are over 2000 Somalian scholarship students taken to Turkey scheduled to return and help the country. Facts like these and Somalia being one of the largest beneficiaries of Turkish aid in the world indicates the level of sway Ankara wishes to have and will continue to hold with the fragile underfunded and militarily vulnerable government of Somalia. also see:
Turkey’s rich warring history dating back from several centuries ago when they were the expansive Ottoman Empire includes control of the Horn of Africa region in the 16th – 17th century. Therefore it may be safe to assume they see a return there as a return, at least in terms of influence to their former province. Although without any substantiating evidence I will venture to say that it is likely that this very influence wielded by resource hungry Turkey may have persuaded Somalia to escalate the territorial dispute over the off shore oil fields and take us to international court from 2014, after all Turkey has been accused of buying blood oil from ISIL in Syria and Iraq it is therefore no stretch of the imagination to see them angling for the-takes in a country where they have the government “in their pockets”.
In a further examination of the long record of circumstantial evidence we can begin with Turkey’s accommodation and seemingly cordial relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt that exiled abroad after it was dislodged from government 2013. The party has found a new home in Turkey this is even after the terrorism associated group now posing as a political party was kicked out of Qatar in 2014 and after Britain opened terrorism related investigations against it. Part of the brotherhood’s stated goal reads as follows; “jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish". In addition we know Turkey has been used as a major transit point into Syria and Iraq by ISIL recruits/ fighters see:

One report attributed to the German Interior Ministry declares; “Turkey has become the central platform for action by Islamist groups in the Middle East”. All these issues contradict any Turkish stated goal of fighting Al Shabaab by training Somali military.  I suspect they have positioned themselves tactfully levying their NATO membership, proximity to Russia, oil rich Arabian Peninsula, their largely Islamic nationhood and the refugee deals with the EU much like how Saudi Arabia holds sway with the USA to carry out suspect terrorist and religious sectoral, expansionist activities.

Be sure it has not been lost to the world that Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan have found commercially viable amounts of oil. If not interest in the region from countries as mentioned above then interest from unscrupulous business contacts similar to those mentioned in the Clinton cash scandal are probably willing to pay and engage in the practice of disaster capitalism. Hillary said they left the white house the first time when they were in debt and broke. It may be this time as could be deduced from the couples activities after that experience that they are keen to take every opportunity to make much more and avoid a repeat of the same.    
Although much of what is described in this chapter is not hostile action against Kenya directly it should be taken to indicate that it matters considerably to these countries and business entities whom is in control of this region. More so in the event of an open window created by adverse conditions like disasters & wars, if their allies and thus they benefit from it the most.
Even if our long friendship with the west was to sway in our favor and a few bombing runs are organized by different air forces which will in turn contribute to destruction of any infrastructure already in the hands of terrorists, without an on ground military forces this will result only in protracted fighting. The current concerns in the west, as is vigorously contested and demonstrated by the presidential hopefuls in the run up to US elections; is the past policy of military/ political interference or intervention in other countries without a properly worked out plan for what happens afterwards in the power vacuum they create as is the case now for Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt
Yes, in the event a crisis involving post election violence was to hit us even with terrorists coming in to take advantage, the Western governments will be hard put to move quickly to forestall greater violence. Yet as was seen in the Rwanda genocide case, 100 days of internal tribal conflict is ample time to self distract a nation. Even as the international community discusses and debates around asking warring sides to cease hostilities and or returning the ICC charges or preferring fresh ones against the president and his deputy because they will easily believe our leaders are involved somehow.

Without the US and the EU will the UK want to get involved directly? Apart from the Falklands islands war with Argentina in 1982 which was over their own territory the British haven’t engaged alone militarily since colonial times why will they start now when Boris Johnson the UK Foreign Secretary is on record for showing disdain for Africans and that country anyway has brexit challenges to deal with? We cannot hope to see quick decisive intervening action from that quarter either.

The unfolding of all the above described events will happen within a time frame declared in the prophecy Pg. 5 Para 4, “Kenya will fall down in a progressive series of a very steep decline in the form of disasters, starvations, wars”.  Meaning that, in the absence of our required action and the elapse of the 10 years grace period in April 2017 we can expect to begin seeing the perils in likely escalating order determined divinely to deal with a stiff necked and sinful people. This order could very well follow the cycle set out in that sentence which is disasters, starvations then wars. Being that each is in the plural we may see overlaps quickly following each other as derived from use of the phrase “very steep decline”. The hypothesis above sets our August 2017 national elections season as key and if correct then the time before commencement of the perils is very short. Going by what has already happened in Libya and Syria since 2011 and taking cognizance of the fact that they have mainly only suffered wars there, the complete wiping away of Kenya may occur before the end of this decade, certainly the scenarios I have described are capable of destroying a country in less time although this is not clearly stated in prophet Maged’s oracle.
Nonetheless we should be tipped off by the national incidents we have experienced during our current season of divine mercy and grace, occurrences like; the 2007-2008 post election violence, the drought/ starvation of 2011 when we undertook the Kenyans for Kenya initiative, the El Nino floods across the country and the Westgate & Garissa University attacks among others categorized as asymmetric warfare. What seems apparent is that if or when each foretold judgment strikes there will be no mistaking who has commissioned the happening lest people say these things have been with them all along. If it were not so there would be no need for a prior warning. Therefore magnitude and intensity will be significantly higher than anything we have seen in our recent past and others watching will be warned.
Through Prophet Maged’s oracle, God speaks of His Love Mercy and the great destiny He intends for His people, called the nation of Kenya: This section is included here to establish that even us God warns us of the impending era of His global judgment He has planned goodness and mercy for us. That is if we will heed His call to “repent and turn back from deception, crookedness and maliciousness; from worldly ways and agendas, and from sordid/shameful gain.” 
“This is the time of grace, the time of acceptance and the time of salvation; the time when epochs will change”Pg4 Para3. An Epoch or an era is a period of time in history marked by notable events and a clear theme running through it. The duration and defining factors included during the study of any particular age largely depends on the intensity and purpose of the study itself. Nonetheless some notable eras in biblical and general history include the following:
The Adamic Age. Gen.1-8-From the creation to the flood;
The Abrahamic Age, Gen.12-Ex.19-From the call of Abraham to the giving of the law;
The gospel Age, Early life and ministry of Jesus, His death and resurrection;
The times of the Greek & Roman Empires;
The Renaissance, an age of enlightenment, industrial revolution – printing of bible and Africa’s colonization etc
The Azusa Street Revival 1906 – 1915 commonly regarded as the time of beginning of the modern-day Pentecostal Movement.
What are the things prepared for Kenya in the new epoch/ dispensation of God’s dealing with us as declared by Prophet Maged? The following distinct themes are pointed out:
Grace & Restoration: It is a period of grace to “recognize the time of her Visitation”, “Come close to me and I will come closer” “Let the political, economic and spiritual leaders of Kenya proclaim that Kenya is for Christ; yes, Kenya is for me, and not for strangers.” – It is a season set for us not to despair but to repent and return to God to whom we belong, so that in turn we will escape the global perils already determined for this age at the hand of the beast coming out of Hades and instead for Kenya it will immediately attract His presence and favor in both our personal and national affairs (for one grows from the other) Pg5 Para 1- 3.
Deliverance, Peace & Wealth Creation: A time of “mercy from all strangers & evil people”, “How can the church in Kenya send out missionaries as long as it is lingering in poverty?” God is promising us all round peace. Expect the deliverance of our economy from those who have been taking unfair advantage of us and a wealth restoration to the Kenyan church and thro that to the rest of the country. In addition we will experience an end to terrorism and have all round great national security. One reason for these blessings especially in the body of Christ is so that we are able to take the good news of Jesus Christ to other nations. Pg5 Para 3, Pg 6 Para 1-3
Appointment, Purification & Power: God setting up a “generation of Elijahs” – His own chosen servants, who will move in the supernatural, cut down idol worship and rebuke errant leadership just as Elijah did (Bible: 1st-2nd Kings). Through them God will expose corruption and evil, beginning with the church and moving to other sectors of society. There will follow a great move of God characterized by previously rear or unheard of miracles and powerful manifestations of God in the land Pg 5 Para 3.
Healing & National Re-definition: A time of restoration “of Kenyans to one another”, “for a new generation that the Lord will create to restore Kenya”. Foretold here is the healing of personal and historical injustices suffered in the lives of many Kenyans leading to the end of an insidious culture of tribalism, corruption, impunity and violence in the country. The “birth of a new people” (possibly meaning a new way of thinking, behaving and relating with each other) Pg 5 Para 3
Promotion & Leadership: “Beware, for if Kenya falls down, many other nations will fall down and vanish away by the vanishing of Kenya.” “The destiny of East Africa and many other African nations, including the destiny of Egypt is in your hands.” “I love you, so help me to lift you up.” Using some reverse thinking for the first part of these excerpts.  It means if we follow God’s directive then Kenya will experience a time of continued and even elevated regional/ continental leadership and a dependency on us as a nation for the continued existence and or wellbeing of other countries on the continent. This is also a time of promotion as a nation and indeed of big individual achievement too, as can be deduced from those called therein the, “anointed ones” and the “generation of Elijahs”.  My own understanding meaning those appointed and enabled in secular practice and those equally chosen in God’s service within the arena normally touted as the spiritual side Pg 5 Para 3, Pg 6 Para 4.  
Dominance & Wonder: God reveals His plan by saying,Don't ever say, “I am a despised nation “Or “I am a small nation”, for the Lord has his own laws: He chooses the despised and those who are not, to nullify those who are.” In this season God will use our smallness/ lack of qualification in the eyes of man to defeat universal opinion about which nations will become a global leader in His new dispensation. Significant areas normally talked about when comparing global dominance include: Economic performance, the value of the shilling and international trade, ease and convenience of transportation, access to services, a vibrant private sector, employment and poverty levels. Food safety and thus agricultural output and diversity is important, industry particularly manufacturing, availability and utilization of natural resources counts highly, then there is innovation in technical disciplines especially in ICT related fields. The measure of  a country’s attractiveness and interest of visitors is important and thus the performance of different tourism packages must compare to those of the most visited countries and attractions around the world, good national security and the dependable rule of law is crucial, an above average public education system, cutting edge research and thought leadership in different areas of human endeavor, global relevance in the arts and in sport, reliable universal health care, political stability derived from respectable issue driven contestation for leadership and full citizen participation are all critical. A country’s contribution and impact to the global agenda including a permanent membership to the security council, the ability and performance of our military is another measure and indeed we cannot be counted among the first without high public satisfaction in the running of state affairs, finally but probably most important is Kenya’s Christian mission to the world, we should be reputed for sending out our own “Dr. Livingstones” to the ends of the earth to evangelize all peoples and expand the Kingdom of God Pg6 Para 4.
Responsibility & Blessing of Leadership: “Ye spiritual leaders of my people in Kenya.” “Release the generation of Elijahs and I will then encourage you.” “There is great abundance in my heavenly stores for you.” – This is a conditional promise of God’s blessings to the church leadership. If in fact they will bless, commission, support and guide those appointed for such a time as this and if they will steer the church in Kenya towards God’s purposes in these times, they will not only retain their positions of leadership but will have access to many blessing right here on earth and even later in heaven (Bible: Mathew 6:19-20) Pg 5 Para 3.
“I've sent you (Maged) to them, to my people in Kenya, because I love them, so that they won't lose their history and their destiny as a nation” – As a demonstration of God’s concern, feelings, view and plan about us, He has called us, “His people” 9 times and declared “He loves us” 4 times in that prophecy alone. He is also working to help us escape the global judgment determined on some nations that are submitted to the Spirit of Babylon) Pg 4 Para 3, Pg4 Para 6
After considering and comparing the above message against separate pronouncements made in the recent past over this nation by other noteworthy servants of our awesome God, I found a striking correspondence and at times additional elaboration of the themes already pointed out in this analysis. A few of such instances I encountered include:
A “Summary of Prophecies by Apostles Chuck Pierce and Emmanuel Kure at All Saints Cathedral Hall on the 26th and 27th of August 2013.” Incidentally the complete printout is displayed on the same Evangelical Alliance of Kenya website on the document titled: 100 days of prayer for Kenya, at page 7.

Inserted under the analyzed themes in God’s new move above is a sampling of what was foretold then as follows:
Deliverance & Peace:
Is 66:8 The Lord will make a covenant of peace in the land.
It's a time of crossing over. God is bringing us to the place of our rest. Deut 6:1, Num 10:33
Appointment, Purification & Power:
This Jubilee time will cause the gifts of God to come alive in the land. Ps 68:31.
A new apostolic government and prophetic anointing is arising in God’s people. Eph 2:19-20
God is coming in this hour to restore one camp across the camps (churches/body of Christ) and one tribe across this land; a tribe that represents His kingdom Ez 34:26 It’s a new season and a new mantle. It's a season of release, a new measure of authority and a new measure of influence Ps 92:10 God says Prophets will no longer be held captive in Kenya for this is the year of Jubilee and He will release revelation for the Nation.
There is a revival of blessing coming up Luke 4:18-1 Kenya will be a lead Nation in Global Prayer. The prayer movement will now shift into an authoritative move of God. God is going to make the heathen weak in this season.
Healing & National Re-definition:
Ps 102:13-15 Strength is coming forth out of Kenya. A new generation of fathers and mothers will arise and it will be said that the presence of God will move from one generation to another.
Promotion & Leadership:
A door will open out of Kenya for the latter glory to all of Africa. She shall be the redemptor of Africa Obad 1:21
Through Kenya many other nations will be reconstructed and raised up Zeph 3:10
God will raise help for His people from within the Government Is 43:4
Dominance & Wonder:
From now the land shall spring up to you. The land shall overtake you. The land will clothe and fill you with glory. These are days of restoration. The past is coming under judgment. Joel 2:25, Num 23:23
God is bringing Kenya out of its shadow to its place in leadership Isaiah 60

A Word For Kenya by Chuck Pierce on 15/10/ 2015 as follows:
Grace & Restoration:
This will be the season for Kenya, for things to come back into place.
Appointment, Purification & Power:
I say to you there is going to be five months in the days ahead where you gather in new ways. And from those gatherings I will target and reform that nation in a way it has never been targeted.
Deliverance & Peace also Healing & National Re-definition:
I say going back to Kenya you are going to see finances re-gathered, you are going to see splits that have occurred in other movements of the people of God re-gathering.
Promotion & Leadership also Dominance & Wonder:
You are going to see the new move of God in that land Shake the whole of Africa And the Lord says Out of Kenya you will bless Israel in a new way that Gods covenant blessing will fall upon the land of Kenya

Notes taken from the oracle given by Prophet Cindy Jacobs at Youth Arise Conference  on 04/09/2016 as follows:   

Grace & Restoration also Appointment, Purification & Power:
I am coming with a great awakening in all the region, I am wakening young evangelists in schools and universities;
God is a redeemer He will do it in EA and in the world also;
When we become people of the book (bible) and we live by it, in the 3 branches of government (Legislative, Judicial and Executive) God will kiss the nation and heal it and bless it;

Appointment, Purification & Power:
You will have a great revival your own Azusa street experience greater than anything you have ever experienced. God will send forth missionaries from you to all around the world;
God is going to expose corruption in Kenya starting with the church, those who are greedy or in sexual sin God is going to reveal it. It will make national news, repent now or be exposed;
God will deal with the cartels, there is a web of the spirit of corruption but there is no greater than I am (God) He will deal with it;
It is time to build a wall of prayer the call to prayer must cover the whole nation before the next election if so it will be peaceful (this is a condition);
Healing & National Re-definition
God will bring a revival in the military and police the young officers will run with it;
Racism is a great sin there is not a superior race on earth. He wants to eradicate poverty and racism (my own understanding including tribalism);
Promotion & Leadership:
The great awakening will reform other nations;
Dominance & Wonder:
On the economy – the Kenyan shilling He will cause it to raise to number one in Africa;
God can heal the land. God wants to make Kenya a model nation, in the technical field in Nairobi, we already discovered water which is like gold for agricultural and land reform, there will be new refineries for oil;
God wants to come in and use us to heal the nations. Exd19:5 can God make Kenya a special treasure in whole earth – Yes;
Can God do for a nation today as He did for the 12 people of Israel He commanded them to go forth and take their possession – Yes

Each bullet in; (i-iii) above has been reorganized into the order of the suggested themes taking care not to alter its meaning. Web links to each quoted prophecy are also provided for anyone interested in finding the complete pronouncements as delivered.

We are told all the above things are now determined by ourselves that is, “the destiny of Kenya is in your hands” Pg6 Para4. Therefore really what we decide to do will determine how it goes for us blessings or peril. We will only be limited by our own capacity to run with the vision 2Kngs 4:1-7- containers of oil, 2Kngs13:14-19- arrow of Israel. Indeed we are facing a situation much like Egypt’s in Genesis 41:16-27 when Pharaoh dreamed that 7 lean cows consumed 7 fat cows and yet remained as lean as ever. The perils enumerated above have the potential of wiping away any blessing present or coming.
Prophecy as shown above is really saying what Moses declared, I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” Deut 30:19 (NKJV)

Some additional recommendations that ought to be considered:
The body of Christ in Kenya should gear up and guard against a resurgence of terror attacks by the enemy/s coming to us, as a pre-emptive and or retaliatory measure on their part due to the church’s moves to take its rightful place. “For wisdom is a defense,” Eccl 7:12 (NKJV)
Immediately elevate security around our key political leadership across the board. Communicate the concerns set out above to government for its appropriate action.

Spiritual intervention should be our first and continuing action. Because we cannot fight physically only it is written: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Eph 6:12 (NKJV) and “With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles." 2 Chron 32:8 (NKJV).

For those who would heed this word of God by the prophet further direction will ensue to you through the church.

God bless you, God bless Kenya.